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Robert Jecklin

Specialty area(s)

  • Health Aspects of Aging
  • Community-based Primary Care, Managed Care, State Health Departments, and Voluntary Health Agencies.
  • Research Interests: Retelling human stories of health-related learning.

Brief biography

Taught at UW-La Crosse 1979-1984, 2006-present
24 Years Full-Time Practice Experience Including Work in School Health Programs, Health Care, Voluntary Health Agency, and Public Health Agencies

Current courses at UWL

PH 200 Public Health for the Educated Citizen

HEd 320 US Healthcare System

CHE 380 Assessment and Planning

CHE 450 Implementation, Administration, and Evaluation

HEd 473 Health Aspects of Aging


Ph.D. (Continuing and Vocational Education) University of Wisconsin-Madison;
M.P.H. (Public Health Education) University of Minnesota-Twin Cities;
B.S. (School Health Education) University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.