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Soohyung Kim

Specialty area(s)

Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance

Current courses at UWL

FIN 370: Corporate Finance (Fall 2017)

  Section 1  MW   2:15 pm –  3:40 pm (Wimberly Hall 104)

  Section 2 MW   3:55 pm –  5:20 pm (Wimberly Hall 104)

  Section 3 MW   6:00 pm –  7:25 pm (Wimberly Hall 104)



Ph.D. in Finance, University of Kentucky
M.B.A in Finance & Corporate Accounting, Michigan State University
B.S.B in Finance with Distinction, Indiana University - Bloomington

Teaching history

FIN 355: Principles of Financial Management

FIN 370: Corporate Finance

BUS 730: Decision Framing I (Master’s Level)                                       


Research and publishing

Growth Opportunities, Short-Term Market Pressure, and Dual-Class Share Structure (with Bradford Jordan and Mark H. Liu), 2016, Journal of Corporate Finance, 41, 304-328.

The Effects of Capital infusions After IPO on Diversification and Cash Holdings (with Hoontaek Seo and Daniel L. Tompkins), 2016, Journal of Accounting and Finance, 16(1), 124-133.