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Victor Hill

Specialty area(s)

Parking facilities management, transportation demand management, mobility, urban/land use planning, public and environmental policy, sustainability 


Certified Administrator of Public Parking, International Parking Institute

Master of Public Administration, Florida Gulf Coast University

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, Winthrop University

Bachelor of Arts in English, Winthrop University

Professional history

Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, Florida Forest Service (2009-2013)

Public Information and Education Officer, Golden Gate Fire Control and Rescue District (2003-2009)

Research and publishing

(2018, May). A Calming Effect. The Parking Professional, 26-29.
(2018, February). Take the FEMA Training Challenge. The Parking Professional, 16-17. 
(2017, March). LPR at a Midsize University? You Betcha! The Parking Professional, 32-35.