Get help from tutors or TAs

All of your PSY instructors are always eager to help you succeed in a course.  If you have questions that can't be answered by carefully reviewing your syllabus, the assigned readings, your Canvas site, and your assignment instructions, reach out to your instructors to ask questions about the material, the assignments, and anything else class-related. 

Some classes may have teaching assistants (TAs) that are able to provide help and tutoring. See your course syllabus for details.

Other classes have tutors in Murphy Library that are available throughout the week for individual help sessions. See the tutoring schedule here.

If you need help with writing assignments, tutors at the Writing Center are always available for consultations. 

Most importantly, ask for help early and do not wait until right before an assignment is due, right before an exam, or until the end of the semester to ask for help. Everyone at UWL wants to see you succeed - don't hesitate to reach out!