Create, revise, or inactivate programs at any time. The below documents will help guide you through editing the forms and submitting them to workflow. For information on how the curriculum change process and governance approval works as a whole, refer to the Curriculum Change Process & Policies page.

The Program Form can be used to create or update majors, minors, certificates, honors programs, admission requirements, graduate programs, and academic policies. 

New to CIM or not sure where to begin? The following introductory materials may help.    

Understand how CIM works and want to dive into the detail? The following detailed documents can help. 

To get started, use the Program Form link at the top of the page.

Once you have hit the green "Save and Start Workflow" button, you can no longer make edits. The form has moved to the next step in workflow process. If you click this button by accident, please contact the next person in workflow to roll the form back to you for more editing. If you want to save without submitting to workflow, you can select the yellow "Save as DRAFT" button instead.

Proposed new programs and edits that haven't been submitted into workflow after 6 months or more are subject to review. The Records office will verify with the department if the proposal is still moving forward. If the proposed changes will no longer be happening, please contact Records to shred the proposal.


Contact the UWL Curriculum Team at with questions or for in-person training.