Welcome to CIM (pronounced "kim")

What is CIM? The Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system uses electronic curriculum forms and an electronic workflow to obtain the needed approvals. Users can see what step the proposed change is at in the process at any time. Final approvals are given electronically, replacing the need for paper signatures. 

Through this process, CIM integrates with the electronic catalog (program information) and WINGS (course information) and updates the online catalog once a year. CIM improves accuracy and efficiency in the curriculum change process by saving the history of the changes in a place everyone can access and by decreasing the opportunities for a proposal to get lost. In addition, placing the course and program forms online means all faculty and staff in all departments can view the changes, improving transparency in the process.

How does it work? A detailed description of the electronic curriculum workflow and the university's curriculum policies can be found in the Curriculum Change Process & Policies.

Who has access? All UWL faculty and staff can log in at any time.

Where can you find CIM help? Use the CIM Help - Courses or CIM Help- Programs pages for detailed guidelines on editing the forms, review the Curriculum Change Process & Policies for related information, or choose one of the below introductory overviews.

MAC users: scroll bars do not appear in CIM unless you hover over them.  

How do you login? Login to one of the links below using your UWL username & password. The help pages also contain links to the CIM forms. The latest version of the Firefox browser works well with CIM. 

Where do Approvers go to review proposals? Approvers review from the Approval Page, which is a different webpage than the Course and Program Forms. The link to this page is sent to the approver in the "Action Required" email that comes from the UWL Curriculum Team. Approvers can bookmark the Approver Page in their browser from the link in the email or by following this link. Once on the Approval Page, go to your specific approval role in the drop-down menu and select a proposal to review. The Approval Page requires the same UWL login information as the CIM forms.

If you have questions or trouble logging in, please contact us at curriculum@uwlax.edu or 608.785.8954.