Important message from the Records & Registration Office

Due to the ongoing public health situation, some changes have taken place to Fall registration, transcripts ordering, and office procedures:

  1. Registration for Fall 2020 will be closed for longer than normal so that departments can adjust their Fall schedules to fit into the new social distancing and health safety guidelines. Students will be able to adjust their schedules and continue registering starting July 27th. Non-degree seeking special students will be able to start registering August 10th.
  2. Most staff in the Records and Registration Office are working remotely during normal business hours. Please contact us using our email at If you do call our number and no one answers, please leave a message and your call will be returned either by email or phone as soon as possible.
  3. In addition, we cannot take transcript requests in person. Please order electronically. Current students may use the Official Transcript link in their WINGS Student Center. Former students may use the "Order a Transcript Now" link on our Transcript page. The link to the Transcript page is below this message. 
  4. There may be a delay in processing the transcript requests for students who attended UWL prior to 1991, transcript requests sent in the mail, or requests for transcripts to be sent through regular postal mail. If the health situation requires our minimal office staff to return to working from home, the delay could add 1-2 weeks of processing time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the temporary undergraduate S/U Grading Policy for Spring 2020

Veteran services at UWL

The Veteran Educational Benefits Office aims to help student veterans and dependents of veterans understand and make the most of their educational benefits. The office also facilitates the transition from military to university life by supporting other veteran services on campus. Visit Veteran Services for certification help and additional resources aimed at supporting current and former military service members and their family members during their time at UWL. The office is located in 116 Graff Main Hall. 

University policies pertaining to veterans:

Priority registration expanding section

The State of Wisconsin grants priority registration for students who have served or are serving on active duty under honorable conditions in the United States armed forces, including Reservists and members of the National Guard. At the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, priority registration allows service members to register at the front of their class, meaning that a service member of sophomore standing will be able to register before other sophomores. To receive this benefit, a DD-214 or a Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) must be filed with the Veteran Educational Benefits Coordinator prior to registration

Military Duty Withdrawal Policy expanding section

University of Wisconsin -La Crosse

Withdrawal Policies and Procedures for Students Called to Active Military Duty


The following policies apply only to those students who are called to active duty (i.e., active duty Reserve, National Guard), not to individuals who voluntarily enlist. Students should be referred to the Student Life Office, 149 Graff Main Hall, for assistance and guidance with the following processes.

      1. Fee Refund Policies
        1. Students called to active duty prior to the beginning of an academic term will receive a 100% refund of all fees, including deposits and all housing and meal plan fees. Students may elect to have their deposits applied to a future term.
        2. Students called to active duty after the beginning of an academic term must choose one of the following options before departing for active duty:
          1. Withdraw from the University. Students choosing this option will receive a full refund of academic (deposit, tuition and segregated) fees and the prorated refund of housing and meal plan fees. No withdrawal fee will be assessed. Refunds of special course fees will be reviewed on an individual basis. The actual withdrawal date will be recorded; it will not be backdated.
          2. With the permission of the course instructors, accept the grades earned to that date in each of their courses, or elect to take the grade of "Incomplete" in some or all courses. Students who choose this option are not eligible for the refund of academic fees (deposit, tuition and segregated) or special course fees, but are eligible for the prorated refund of housing and meal plan fees.
          3. Withdraw from some courses and request grades and/or "incomplete" grades in some courses. Students who choose this option will receive a 100% refund of academic fees (deposit, tuition and segregated) only for those courses from which the student withdraws and the course load drops below the minimum credits in the fee plateau, i.e., drops below 12 credits for undergraduate students. Refunds of special course fees will be reviewed on an individual basis and refund of housing and meal plan fees will be prorated.
        1. Housing and Meal Plan Fees
          1. Students called to active duty before the beginning of an academic term shall receive a 100% refund of fees.
          2. Students called to active duty after the beginning of the academic term shall receive a refund based upon the unused portion of the fee.
          3. Deposits will be refunded unless students elect to apply deposits toward a future term.
          4. Students will be expected to move their belongings out of the residence hall unless special arrangements have been made with the residence life staff
      1. Financial Aid Policy
        1. Students will not be responsible for repayment of unearned federal grants to the U.S. Department of Education.
        2. Perkins Loan recipients will be granted a military deferment that will relieve the borrower of repayment responsibility while on active duty.
        3. Stafford Loan recipients should contact their lender or guarantee agency to request that their loans be maintained in an in-school status which will relieve them of repayment responsibility while on active duty for a period of up to three years. If needed, the Financial Aid Office will contact the lender or guarantee agency on behalf of the student. Note: the National Student Clearinghouse file will not indicate in-school status.
        4. Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements will be waived.
      1. Academic Record Policy
        1. Students called to active duty prior to the beginning of an academic term will have no academic record for that term.
        2. Records of students who are called to active duty after the beginning of an academic term and who elect to withdraw from the University will show the notation: "Withdrew (date)." No credit will be earned. Withdrawal marks of "EP/EF" will be recorded for each course; these grades do not affect GPA.
        3. For students who receive "Incomplete" grades, the following applies:
          1. Permission of the instructor is required for each course.
          2. The length of time to complete Incompletes will be extended as necessary. (To complete "incompletes," students are not allowed to register again in the courses.)
        1. For students who have completed enough work to receive permanent/final grades, those will be submitted, recorded and calculated into the GPA according to standard procedures.
      1. Re-entry Policy
        1. Students called to active duty are guaranteed re-entry upon the completion of active duty.
        2. The usual re-entry application and financial aid deadlines will be waived. Housing will be guaranteed also.
        3. Readmission decisions, if necessary because of academic standing, will be made on an individual basis.
      1. Veterans Administration Regulations

"A student called to active duty may also have his or her entitlement restored if training is interrupted only if they did not receive credit for a course and must retake at another time."

{Citation: 38 CFR 21.7576(e)(1)(ii)}

    1. Student
      1. Bring/send copy of orders/activation papers to Student Life Office.
      2. Return textbooks to the Textbook Rental.
      3. Notify Stafford Loan lending agency, if applicable.
    1. Student Life Office
      1. Coordinate withdrawals from University, filing of Incomplete forms, and other processes deemed necessary to assist students who are called to active duty, if time does not permit student to complete the process.
      2. Forward copy of student's call-up orders to the Cashiers' Office and Records and Registration Office along with withdrawal form. Also forward a copy of the call-up orders to the Financial Aid Office, if applicable. Veterans Services Coordinator in the R&R Office will be informed via the withdrawal form and will take appropriate action.
    1. Cashiers' Office
      1. Process full refunds of academic fees and prorated refunds of housing and meal plan fees, as indicated by the above policies.
      2. Enforce financial aid repayment policies as directed by the Department of Education.
    1. Records and Registration Office
      1. Process either University withdrawals or course withdrawals as appropriate with date of withdrawal. Veterans Services Coordinator: Notify VA of any student called to active duty who is receiving benefits. File a copy of the student's call-up orders in the student's file as documentation for financial auditors.
    1. Financial Aid Office
      1. Identify active duty students' files to ensure proper allowances for satisfactory academic   progress, waiver of repayment of unearned federal grants and maintenance of in-school status for loans.

CAPS approved 11/9/01

Updated 2/25/09