Let's Play Safer

What are the hours? expanding section

We are open

  • Monday-Friday 6am-11pm
  • Saturday 10am-11pm
  • Sunday 11am-11pm

Last modified: 02/02/2021

What health and safety measures are in place at the REC? expanding section

The health and safety of patrons and staff is the priority for the REC. The following precautions are in place and required for use of the building:

  • Patrons and staff are required to wear face coverings at all times
  • Signage and decals indicate traffic flow and zones are designated to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet; strength and cardio equipment pieces are at least 10 feet apart
  • Temperature checks are required at the turnstiles
  • Contactless entry at the turnstile is available with the UWL REC app
  • Plexiglass is installed at all the service counters
  • All rooms and spaces beyond the turnstile have limited capacity; most require reservations in advance
  • Hand sanitizers are available throughout the building
  • Rigorous cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting schedules are implemented throughout the entire building and require teamwork with patrons, staff and custodians

Last modified: 08/17/2020

How can I help keep the REC safe? Where do I put my personal belongings? expanding section

Please do your part to keep the REC a healthy and safe place. You can do that by staying home if you are not feeling well, washing your hands regularly, refraining from touching your face, wearing your face covering, maintaining physical distancing at all times, and complying with the cleaning protocols. You should come dressed to work out, bring your ID or mobile device with the UWL app, and your personal water bottle (refill stations available).

You are encouraged to leave your personal belongings at your residence or in your car. For safety reasons and to maintain physical distancing, lockers and cubbies are available on a limited basis.

Last modified: 08/17/2020

What steps do I take to enter the REC? Do I still need my ID to swipe in? expanding section

To use any space beyond the turnstile, all patrons will need to check their temperature at the kiosk, swipe ID/use app, and walk through the turnstile. Be sure to reserve your space in advance according to your desired location/workout.

To enter through the turnstile, you will need your ID or your mobile device that has the UWL app installed. Contactless entry is available with the app. We encourage you avoid touching the turnstile with your hands upon entry/exit

Last modified: 08/17/2020

What does a temperature check entail? expanding section

Temperature checks will be required at the automated kiosks prior to entering the turnstile. Anyone who has a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be allowed to enter. Patrons are recommended to cool down for approximately 15 minutes prior to the temperature check if they have been active before coming in. Only two attempts allowed per entry. Patrons with a temperature of 100.4 or greater are advised to visit the Student Health Center website.

Last modified: 08/17/2020

Are face coverings required while I am working out? expanding section

Yes, face coverings are required at all times when in the REC, including during your workout.  "Face covering'' includes but is not limited to a bandana, a cloth face mask, a disposable or paper mask, a neck gaiter, or a religious face covering. A "face covering'' does not include face shields, mesh masks, masks with holes or openings, or masks with vents. You are encouraged to listen to your body when working out with a face covering on and decrease your intensity accordingly.

Last modified: 02/02/2021

How many people can be in the REC at a time? expanding section

Capacity for the REC is based on total number of people allowed in each space to maintain physical distancing. Capacity for spaces beyond the turnstile are listed below and include staff:

  • Fitness Center: 50
  • Multipurpose Room (ellipticals only): 13
  • Courts 3 & 4 (cardio & core): 30
  • Courts 1, 2, MAC, racquetball court (individual use only/space): 9 total
  • Group Fitness Classes: aerobics - 23; cycling - 18
  • Upper Level (track, cardio and strength equipment): 28
  • Climbing Wall: 6

Last modified: 02/02/2021

What can I do at the REC? expanding section

Though capacity is limited per space, there are many options in the REC according to your desired workout/activity:

  • Strength: Fitness Center (free weights, racks, machines), upper level (machines)
  • Cardio: Fitness Center (treadmills, stair mills), multipurpose room (ellipticals only), court 4 (cycles, rowers), track
  • Core: Fitness Center turf, court 3
  • Individual work: court 1, court 2, MAC, racquetball court
  • Run/walk: track
  • Group fitness classes: aerobics room, conditioning room for cycling
  • Climbing: bouldering only at this time
  • Outdoor activities: rentals available for bikes, roller blades, canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards
  • Reservations: can be made up to 48 hours in advance; required for all spaces past the turnstile except courts 3 & 4 and the upper level (track area)

Last modified: 08/17/2020

Can I shoot at a hoop, pepper with a volleyball, or kick a soccer ball around? Can I run on the track? expanding section

Yes you can shoot, pepper or kick a ball around by reserving a space on courts 1, 2, or in the MAC. There

is a limit of 1 person per hoop or half court. Be sure to bring your own ball as equipment is not available for check out at this time; goals are available in the MAC. The track is available to walk or run and is limited to 6 people only on a first come, first served basis (no reservation required).

Last modified: 08/17/2020

Why do I need a reservation? How do I make a reservation? expanding section

Reservations guarantee you a space and time for your workout/activity and can be made up to 48 hours in advance. They also keep the building safe as the number of reservations are based on physical distancing, capacity, equipment, staffing, and cleaning/disinfecting needs. To make a reservation, follow these steps.

Last modified: 08/17/2020

What spaces require a reservation? What can I do without a reservation? expanding section

Reservations are required beyond the turnstile for the Fitness Center, climbing wall, courts 1, 2, the MAC, and racquetball court. Group fitness classes require a membership and reservation in the specific class you want to attend.

Without a reservation beyond the turnstile, you can use courts 3 & 4 for cardio and core workouts, multipurpose room (ellipticals only), and the upper level to work out on the track, cardio equipment or strength equipment. These spaces have a capacity of 28-30 (patrons and staff) and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Last modified: 02/02/2021

How are the machines and equipment pieces being cleaned? What can I do to help? expanding section

It is going to take cooperation, compliance, and assistance from all patrons, staff members and custodians to keep the REC as healthy and safe as possible. Staff members and custodians will follow a rigorous cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting schedule throughout the building. In addition, we ask all patrons to comply with the following protocol for using and cleaning all machines and equipment:

  • Equipment available for use is identified with a “thumbs up” sign that indicates machine is clean
  • Recommendation: wipe down equipment prior to use with GymWipe (disposable) or wet rag (spray solution onto rag, then wipe equipment)
  • Required: flip sign from thumbs up to stop side prior to use; after use, wipe down equipment with GymWipe (disposable) or wet rag (spray solution onto rag, then wipe equipment)
  • Do not use any equipment with stop sign that indicates machine needs to be cleaned
  • Staff members will be cleaning free weights after each reservation period

Last modified: 08/17/2020

Where did the cardio equipment go that is usually in the Fitness Center? What can I do in the Fitness Center? expanding section

To maintain physical distancing, organize equipment, and maximize work out locations, most of the cardio equipment has been moved throughout the REC (exception: treadmills and stair mills are still available in the Fitness Center). This also allows physical distancing of 10 feet within the Fitness Center for strength machines, free weights and racks that cannot be moved to any other location in the building. Patrons may also use the turf for individual work (capacity of 8 people).

Last modified: 08/17/2020

What equipment can I check out? expanding section

Limited equipment is currently available for check out in the spaces listed below:

  • Climbing Wall: climbing shoes
  • Outdoor Connection (for rent): Snowshoes, XC Skis, Airboard Sleds, regular sleds, and ice skates
  • Info Counter: no equipment check out at this time
  • Fitness Center: no equipment check out at this time

Last modified: 02/02/2021

Are the locker rooms and restrooms available? expanding section

Yes, the locker rooms and restrooms are available. For safety reasons and to maintain physical distancing, lockers, showers and toilets are available on a limited basis.

Last modified: 08/17/2020

Are there group fitness classes, including cycling classes? expanding section

Yes there are! 43 classes are available each week, including cycling classes. To learn more about the schedule and purchase a membership, check out the group fitness page. All group fitness members must register for each class separately to reserve a space.

Last modified: 02/02/2021

What’s available at the Outdoor Connection? expanding section

Now is a great time to get outdoors! Snowshoes, XC Skis, Airboard Sleds, regular sleds, and ice skates at a reasonable rate. At this time, we are not offering any trips.

Last modified: 02/02/2021

Is the REC climbing wall open? expanding section

The climbing wall is open and requires a reservation. Currently only bouldering is allowed and the capacity is 4 climbers at a time. No chalk allowed.

Last modified: 02/02/2021

Are there going to be any in-person intramural activities, sport clubs, and/or special events? expanding section

The Rec Sports team is working diligently to plan a semester of healthy and safe programs. Though in-person activities and events will undoubtedly be impacted and limited, we will be offering a full schedule of virtual opportunities within intramurals, sport clubs, and special events. At this time, we have determined that we will not be offering any intramural leagues for contact sports (football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, dodgeball, etc.). Also, all sport club competitions and practices are suspended for the fall semester. We will continue to post programming updates on the Rec Sports website and social media pages.

Last modified: 08/17/2020

Can I purchase a guest pass for my friend? expanding section

To maximize space for UWL students and faculty/staff members, guest passes will not be sold until further notice.

Last modified: 08/17/2020