How are we doing?


"The UWL vax rate is 75% and climbing (not to mention those naturally immune). The deaths in LAX per week are 0. Covid poses virtually no threat to college students, w/a survival rate of over 99.99%. Every local bizz is back to normal, except for UWL! Why continue to force everyone to wear masks! Covid is kind enough to leave students alone while eating in a packed Union or dining hall, but is too dangerous in the rec center? Why is Gow permitted to be maskless in the f-ball stadiums’ indoor press box while he forces others to muzzle up? Perhaps we should stop appeasing a small % of senseless and power- hungry people and allow students to live the full college experience, which they are paying 60K for. STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!"- anonymous


Thank you for your comment about the campus mask mandate. I know students are frustrated. We are as well! We can’t wait for the pandemic to be behind us, however in order for us to get to that point, we must all do our part by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask. Vaccinations and the campus mask mandate are our best tools to help stop the spread. These tools help us minimize the risk to our students, faculty, staff and community.

We are proud that UWL has an 80% vaccination rate amongst students. That is awesome! While vaccinations are a great tool, breakthrough cases do exist with variants being more transmissible and on the rise. That’s were mask wearing comes into play! As of 10/14, the CDC has the community transmission rate as “high” in La Crosse County, with the recommendation that “everyone in La Crosse County, Wisconsin should wear a mask in public, indoor settings”. Until the UWL administration recommends otherwise, Rec Sports will continue to enforce the campus mask mandate as recommended by the CDC.


"People aren’t’ wearing masks correctly anymore because they know they are no longer needed. I know this might be tough for the mask police and the Karen’s” who love their authority, but this is overkill. Enough with the mask requirement for goodness sakes. I eat everyday in Whitney with no mask! Why can’t we have a choice? Show me the #’s!

Stop fear mongering everyone into wearing masks. Make it optional… This is getting ridiculous. I have a better chance of drowning than dying of Covid. Should I wear a snorkel? Stop catering to far left donors and power hungry administrators. End the Mandate! Is this ever gonna end? - anonymous


No more mask please.  - anonymous


Thank you for your comment about the campus mask mandate. Mask wearing is not optional because you wearing a mask directly impacts the health of those around you. In order for masking to work, both parties need to mask up. Scientific research has concluded that mask wearing works, and is one of the most effective tools to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Some data to consider:

· Daily deaths in Minnesota and Wisconsin have been rising since mid-late summer

· As of 10/14, the CDC has the community transmission rate as “high” with the recommendation that “everyone in La Crosse County, Wisconsin should wear a mask in public, indoor settings”

· Between 9/29 - 10/12, in the Western region of Wisconsin, COVID patient hospitalizations were growing by 20%.

· As of 10/12, in the Western region of Wisconsin, 86.8% of hospital beds were in use.

· As of 10/12, in the Western region of Wisconsin, 94.9% ICU beds were in use.

· As of 10/14, 62.6% of La Crosse County residents have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine

· Children under the age of 12 are not currently authorized to receive a COVID-19 vaccine

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is not in a bubble. UWL, the La Crosse County Health Department and the CDC take into consideration multiple factors when creating recommendations and policy. For example, your professors and university staff may have kids that can’t receive a vaccination. Imagine needing to go to the hospital (for any reason) and there not being a bed for you.



"I need to play basketball! How can 200 kids play volleyball, and we can’t even play basketball? It’s our choice to play not yours." - anonymous


"Let us hoop!" - anonymous

Please, let us play basketball games! It helps with my depression! Thank you!" - anonymous



Thank you for your comments about the campus mask mandate and basketball within the REC facility. On Friday, 9/24, an email was sent to all students informing them that the REC was dangerously close to limiting capacity and/or limiting recreational opportunities due to mask non-compliance. We asked for their help and offered tips and strategies on how to wear their mask effectively while exercising. This message has also been communicated through updated building announcements and signage throughout the facility. Unfortunately, many students still chose to wear their mask incorrectly. As a result, we had to take further action to enforce the campus mask mandate. This mandate is not a Rec Sports mandate, it is a campus mandate that we are enforcing.

Our biggest challenge is games played during open recreation on the courts including basketball, volleyball, etc. Almost all players need to be reminded to pull up their mask. Enforcement is difficult on the courts due to their level of supervision, especially on Fieldhouse courts 2-4 and in the MAC. In addition, it is much more difficult enforcing a policy with a court full of players compared to a one on one interaction elsewhere in the facility.

Sport Clubs and Intramural Sports are exempt from this enforcement strategy. These user groups have a higher level of supervision and/or accountability.

We are very aware of the importance of physical activity and staying healthy. That is our passion. However, we must balance the safety and health of our users during a global pandemic. There are plenty of opportunities to stay active and healthy within and outside the REC. These activities are not impacted by this enforcement strategy. They include working out in the Fitness Center, running on the indoor track, playing intramural sports and playing basketball and volleyball at the outdoor courts.

I understand you are frustrated! We are as well. I want to bring these activities back, however we can’t do so until we see users of the facility wear their masks correctly. Please help us by talking to your friends about wearing their mask correctly and/or finding a mask that does not fall down below their nose when engaged in physical activity.



What is queer night? What is women’s night? Is there a straight night? Men’s night? Soon will there be nights based off race? Quit the segregation of everything. Doesn’t seem all that inclusive."
- anonymous



Why Women’s Night and Queer Night? Its within the mission, vision and values of this university and Rec Sports to make space for underrepresented identities. Not everyone feels comfortable using the REC. These programs are designed to lower the intimidation factor and build familiarity with our facilities, programs, and services so that all feel welcome, safe, supported, heard and seen.

We strive for equity. According to NACE, “the term “equity” refers to fairness and justice and is distinguished from equality: Whereas equality means providing the same to all, equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances. The process is ongoing, requiring us to identify and overcome intentional and unintentional barriers arising from bias or systemic structures.”

The UWL Division of Diversity and Inclusion acknowledges “that our current educational, social, economic, and political systems are unjust. We act by developing resources to advance equitable opportunities and outcomes for all, focusing on eliminating barriers that prevent the full participation of historically excluded populations.”

At Rec Sports, in order to serve EVERYONE, we recognize that significant disparities exist for marginalized people in every aspect of society, including our facility and programs. Equity is the ongoing effort to ensure people with marginalized identities have the opportunity to achieve equal access and participation. To build and empower a thriving community where all feel safe, supported, heard, and seen, equitable programs and services must be on the forefront of our offerings. We are committed to:

· Providing programs and events that create a safer space for marginalized peoples

· Establishing and maintain mutual relationships with partners across campus

· Embracing inclusivity by removing barriers to participation that currently exist within our offerings, policies, and procedures

· Providing education and foster an environment that supports cultural humility framework for all professional and student staff members

· Collaborating with UWL Hate and Bias Response Team to report, address and confront all incidents of hate and bias

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.  We value your feedback.  All comments will be responded to and posted on this page and in the facility.