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#1 3/23/17 Which Certification is for me? -FREE  7:00-8p Cent. rm 2031
#2 3/30/17 Overview, Screen, and Assess 1:00-3:00 REC Strength Center
#3 4/6/17 Exercise technique and education 1:00-3:00 REC Strength Center
#4 4/13/17 Exercise technique and education 1:00-3:00 REC Strength Center
#5 4/20/17 Program Design 1:00-3:00 REC Strength Center
#6 4/27/17 Program Design 1:00-3:00 REC Strength Center
#7 5/4/17 Professional Responsibility/Safety 1:00-3:00 REC Strength Center

In addition many reference articles will be available for course participants!

Instructor:   Dennis Kline, MS, CSCS, RSCC*E

Telephone:  608-785-6533             


Class Meeting Times: March 30– May 4th (every Thursday 1:00-3:00) 

Office Hours:      By appointment         

Class Location:  Recreation Eagle Center: Conditioning Room & Strength Center


Personal Trainer Prep Course Description

Get a head start on your career

This course is designed to be 100% practically applied and will prepare you to become a Personal Trainer. Pulling the best information from as many certifications sources as possible. This course will present each topic in an evidence-based continuum fashion (e.g. minimum to maximum). We hope to help you find your passion and match a best fit certification to go along with our course.

This class will not certify you, all NCCA certification must be arranged through the parent organization and exams taken at a qualified testing center.


Key Topics;


  • Scope of Practice
    • Liability
    •  Forms
  • Initial Consultation
    • Assessments
    • Results interpretation
  • Exercise Techniques
    • Various methods
    • Different equipment
  • Order of Exercises
  • Volume
    • Reps
    • Sets
  • Intensity
  • Tempo
  • Rest

Students and REC members:  $99
Faculty/Staff: $109 (e-mail to register)
Non-UWL:  $119 (e-mail to register)