Sport club awards and honors



Messy Pod Award


This award is given to the team that has the messiest storage area during the academic year. This year’s award winners for the second year in a row is the Women’s Hockey Team.

AT Tape Award


This award is given to the team that uses the most athletic tape throughout the academic year and is determined by our Athletic Trainer. This year’s winners are the Women’s Rugby Team.

Go the Distance Award


The Go the Distance Award is given to the team that travels the furthest for one given competition. This year's award winner traveled to Clemson, South Carolina of a total of 2,036 miles round trip. This year's award winners are the Triathlon team.

Rookie Team of the Year


The rookie team of the year award is given out to a first year sport club team. It measures their success both organizationally and through competition. This year’s award receipt is the Women’s Basketball team.



Female Athlete of the Year: Carley Bill, Women's Hockey

Carley’s teammates had this to say about her: Some of the traits that we appreciate in Carley is the fact that she is able to communicate with anyone on the team in such a friendly manner. She leads by example, takes direct extremely well and knows how to balance all of her responsibilities of the team and in her life, many of us look up to her as an example and she truly embodies us to the fullest.

Male Athlete of the Year: Beau Rath, Men's Volleyball

Beau’s teammates had this to say about him: Beau has been a crucial teammate and player for our club both on and off the court. As the libero, our defense is centered around his ability to cover the floor and communicate with those around him to defend against the opposition’s attack. But maybe even more importantly Beau has served as an officer and leader on the team for the past few years as well. He is part of the central leadership of the team and has kept our team as tightly knit and successful as we have been for the past few years. Even though he is graduating this spring, we are confident in saying that we know Beau will still continue to be a huge part of the club going forward and will be a good friend that we’re lucky to have.


Sport Club All-Star Team

Cody Anderson, Alpine Ski                                 Kelsey Boeger, Women's Rugby

Jessica Hauser, Women's Basketball                Emily Durham, Ski and Snowboard

Logan Rihn, Boxing                                             Taylor Mommaerts, Men's Soccer

McKenna Reed, Equestrian                                Caitlyn Persinger, Women's Soccer

Cooper Bleyhl, Men's Hockey                             Zach Woodcock, Triathlon

Zach Smith, Men's Lacrosse                              Jacob Kertschmer, Men's Ultimate

Hannah Wise, Women's Lacrosse                     Becky Rutledge, Women's Ultimate

Bri Buth, Women's Volleyball                             Austin Fischer, Waterski and Wakeboard

Grant Dahlke, Weightlifting



National Qualifiers

- Cody Anderson, Alpine Ski                           - Archery      
- Tessa Erickson, Equestrian                           - Fishing
- Triathlon                                                        - Men's Volleyball                                                      - Women's Volleyball   


Regional Qualifiers

- Women's Basketball                          - Men's Lacrosse   
- Women's Lacrosse                            - Men's Rugby
- Women's Rugby                                - Table Tennis                                                                       - Waterski and Wakeboard