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Travel Reports: What Needs to be Done Before/After You Can Travel Off Campus?

Before Travel Weekends:

  • Pre-Travel Form (Can be found under Program Resources and must be filled out and submitted 10 days before travel)
  • If your team needs excuse letters for class you need to e-mail the Sports Club and Events Coordinator and/or stop in his/her office and provide her all the information 10 days prior to travel as well.
  • Is this tournament going to be paid with SEG account dollars? If so, send invoice to the Sports Club and Events Coordinator well before it needs to be paid. If it is being paid through the clubs SFO account, forms still need to be signed by the Coordinator.
During Travel Weekends:
  • Keep your Facebook pages up to date so the Sport Club page can share that information on the UWL Sport Club page! 
  • If you are choosing to reimburse individuals who are paying for items (gas during travel) make sure to collect ALL receipts and have a receipt showing that the car was filled up with gas before you left La Crosse. If no receipts are turned in, then a reimbursement isn't possible. No reimbursements can take place until after the trip is over.
  • If any accidents happen during travel whether its car related or anything else that is serious, please call/send an email to Sport Club Coordinator so they are aware of the situation and any follow-up that needs to take place.
After Travel Weekends:
  • Turn in any reimbursements to Sport Club Office 
  • Fill out Post-Travel Form within 24 hours from returning (Can be found under Program Resources)