Administrative Assistants

Welcome to the employment application site for our Administrative Assistants (AA)! AAs are an essential component to the operations of our residence halls, and work directly with the Hall Director to run administrative and programmatic processes.

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Reuter Hall has an Administrative Processes Intern position. Applications are due on Monday, March 5, 2018. For more information, please read the Reuter Intern hiring poster.  

Other UWL residence halls have their own application process for Administrative Assistants. Please contact the Hall Directors for more information about available positions.

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The Reuter Hall Administrative Processes Intern is paid $9/hour.

The hourly rate for Administrative Assistants is $7.50.

For more details, please contact Hall Directors.

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Here is the 2018-19 Reuter Hall Administrative Processes Intern position description.

Other UWL residence halls maintain their own job description for administrative positions.

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As a candidate, you may apply to any available AA position on campus, and unlike our Desk Assistants and Assistant Housekeepers, you do not have to live in the residence hall. Administrative Assistants will also need to pass a Criminal Background Check that is conducted through our Human Resources Department at UWL. You can find more information about student employment on the Human Resources website.

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A cover letter and resume for the Reuter Hall Administrative Processes Intern position is due March 5, 2018.

Each residence hall operates on different application and interviewing timelines. Continue checking your UWL email account, or inquire with the Hall Directors, to know when applications for AA positions go live.