Graduate Assistants

The Department of Residence Life has 3 Assistant Hall Director live-in positions which are graduate assistantships. Grad students are an important part of our professional staff team.

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Assistant Hall Director (AHD) Position Description

Our Graduate Assistant positions at UWL are an opportunity for you to have a tremendous impact on the lives of college students. Our students, without a doubt, will have a greater impact on you. The investment our student leaders and staff have in developing strong communities and lasting relationships are what make our program special.

We are student-centered, we care, and we have fun!

The Assistant Hall Director is a member of the Professional Staff within the Office of Residence Life at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse which is in the Division of Student Affairs. The Assistant Hall Director is a graduate student in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education program at UW-La Crosse. The Assistant Hall Director’s primary responsibility is to assist in the operation of the residence hall in which they are assigned. The Assistant Hall Director acts in the absence of the Residence Hall Director. The Office of Residence Life views this position as an apprenticeship for those seeking to enter the field of Residence Life after graduation.

The Assistant Hall Director is supervised by a Residence Hall Director. The period of employment is for ten months, generally beginning August 1 and ending May 30.

This Graduate Assistant experience will emphasize the ACPA/NASPA competencies of:

  • Human and Organizational Resources (NASPA)
  • Leadership (ACPA)
  • Advising and Supporting (ACPA)
  • Student Learning and Development (ACPA)

Compensation for Assistant Hall Directors in Residence Life:

  • $11,291 for an academic year appointment (9 months: Sept-May 30)
  • Financial support for professional development travel
  • Additional compensation for required training occurring prior to the beginning of the academic year (anticipated Aug 3 start date)
  • Parking permit
  • Meal Plan when meal service is available
  • Furnished 1 bedroom apartment - year round
  • Provided work laptop
  • Out-of-state tuition remission (graduate students from out of state will only be responsible for in-state tuition rates)
  • Option for additional summer work opportunities with additional compensation

Domestic Partner/Spouse (Assistant Hall Directors)

The Department of Residence Life supports inclusive live-in requests for additional apartment occupants. Partners, spouses, and others often become part of the hall community. Parking spaces and meal plans are not provided for those living with the Assistant Hall Director. However, a residential parking space can be purchased for a fee. The University of Wisconsin System has more details about this benefit program.

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All applicants for the graduate positions must apply and be admitted to the Student Affairs Administration graduate program. Successful admission to the SAA graduate program will be required prior to a job offer. Here is the SAA program application.



  • In order to be considered for this position you must be accepted or have an application in progress into the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse graduate program
  • Must maintain 3.0 cumulative GPA throughout graduate assistantship


  • Student Affairs Administration