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This area of our website is dedicated to having detailed information about our Graduate Hall Director position at UW-La Crosse. If you have any questions, please email the Office of Residence Life.

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Graduate Hall Director Position Description


The Graduate Hall Director is an essential employee of the Professional Staff within Residence Life which is in the Division of Student Affairs. The Graduate Hall Director is a graduate student in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education program at UW-La Crosse. The Graduate Hall Director’s primary responsibility is to an assigned residence hall. The Graduate Hall Director is supervised by a Complex Director who has oversight of multiple residence halls. Residence Life views this position as an apprenticeship for those seeking to enter the field of Residence Life/Student Affairs after graduation.

The position is a ten and a half month appointment (July 15th – May 30th), with reappointment of year two contingent upon an annual evaluation. The following job responsibilities will require Graduate Hall Directors to work evenings and some weekends to meet the needs of the department, and to maximize our effectiveness in working with students. Additional employment with Residence Life for summer conferences may be possible during June and early July for additional pay.


This assistantship experience will emphasize the ACPA/NASPA (2016) competencies of:

  • Organizational and Human Resources
  • Leadership
  • Advising and Supporting
  • Student Learning and Development
  • Social Justice and Inclusion

Compensation for Graduate Hall Directors in Residence Life:

  • $13,750 for academic year (10.5 month, July 15 - May 30), 29.5 hours/week. 
  • Potential summer employment from June 1 – July 15th (approximately $1,500). 
  • Residence Life covers tuition $10,350/year (paid in 2 or 3 payments to match course enrollment plans). 
  • Furnished apartment (year round), meal plan/campus cash ($1,432), parking permit ($355), laptop computer.  
  • Financial support offered for professional development travel. 
  • Eligible for health insurance through UWL. 

Domestic Partner/Spouse (Graduate Hall Directors)

The Department of Residence Life supports inclusive live-in requests for additional apartment occupants. Partners, spouses, and others often become part of the hall community. Parking spaces and meal plans are not provided for those living with the Graduate Hall Director. However, a residential parking space can be purchased for a fee. The University of Wisconsin System has more details about this benefit program.

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All applicants for the graduate positions must apply and be admitted to the Student Affairs Administration graduate program. Successful admission to the SAA graduate program will be required prior to a job offer. Here is the SAA program application.



  • In order to be considered for this position you must be accepted or have an application in progress into the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse graduate program
  • Must maintain 3.0 cumulative GPA throughout graduate assistantship


  • Student Affairs Administration
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La Crosse Area

The UW-La Crosse campus is nestled in a residential area of the City of La Crosse (pop. 52,000) located in western Wisconsin within close proximity to both Minneapolis and Madison.  The area, known as the 7 Rivers Region, is famous for its exceptional natural beauty which includes the Mississippi River on one side, majestic bluffs on the other, and views of rolling farmland and forested valleys in between. Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top ten “Best Places to Live” in 2009, La Crosse is one of the most scenic places in mid-America. Abundant water, woodlands and varying terrain provide ample opportunities for year-round outdoor recreation. Only a couple of hours from Minneapolis or Madison, La Crosse enjoys the affordability and charm of small town living with larger city benefits. Three colleges, two world-class medical institutions, the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, a restored nineteenth century downtown business district, and a number of galleries and art centers have made La Crosse a regional center for culture, entertainment, medical care, shopping, sports and recreation.  

Explore La Crosse

La Crosse Chamber of Commerce

What sets us apart?!

We are proud of our students, staff, and campus partners. Take some time to read through the following testimonials about our Residence Life program:

Lisa Weston

Lisa Weston, Assistant Director

I chose UWL because of the incredible ability to say "yes" more than "no." When students have a new idea or a problem solving plan, I am given the support to say "yes" to them and help them make great things happen. This leads to our students searching for grandiose ideas to impact their living communities. It also challenges our students to become problem solvers instead of problem identifiers. They sincerely take ownership in their living environments because we are able to support them!


Tawn Christians, Senior Staff Resident Assistant

Why UWL? Because I get to be exactly who I am and be fully supported by my staff team and my supervisor. I get to work on initiatives to help make this campus better everyday, alongside professionals in the area I want to go into. Their passion for students and student staff has inspired me to pursue Student Affairs for my career. Ultimately, my why UWL is because I get to have a home like I have never had before and help to create the same experience for others.


Megan Pierce, Hall Director

I chose UWL's Residence Life program because I saw authentic student investment. The students that attend UWL have dreams and aspirations to influence a large sphere and make an impact. The individuals that work in Residence Life mirror the drive, passion, and excitement to serve the students that attend UWL. I have personally seen support and encouragement to step outside my professional comfort zone to learn and grow. I will be forever grateful of the opportunities UWL Residence Life has provided for my professional development.


Beau Sandleback, Resident Assistant

UWL is definitely a unique place to live, work, and play. There are opportunities for everyone right at your fingertips. I chose UWL because of the vast variety of outdoor activities and resources, along with the true community feel I immediately felt the first day I walked on campus. Residence Life has allowed me to express my own values and it has given me the resources to grow into the person I always knew I could become.


Pedro Zavala, Resident Assistant

I chose UWL's Residence Life program because I saw an opportunity for development both academically and personally. This program is filled with individuals who want to see you grow and become a leader in your profession. The extensive training and support that I have received from the department itself, is indescribable, the Res Life Program aims to prepare you with the right tools to be the best you can be at your role. In addition, I have made some life lasting relationships both professional and personal. My only regret is that I did not apply earlier to be part of this outstanding program.


Lukas Visser, Hall Director

What sets UWL apart is our students and the focus we place on them. Students on my staff and in my building not only expect the most out of themselves, but their Hall Director. They continually motivate me to be better because they show me that they deserve it. So many of my students not only regularly attend programs, they seek out and often create additional ways to become involved. I am surrounded by incredible student leaders and I find myself fortunate to be part of a department that genuinely cares about their experience.



Becky Schwartz, Resident Assistant

As cheesy as it is, I chose UWL because of my first campus visit. I was walking through campus and it just 'felt right'- like I was at home. Wanting to deepen my involvement on campus, I became a Resident Assistant my sophomore year, and I fell even further in love with UWL. I felt like I had found 'my people' in Residence Life. I've been challenged to step outside my comfort zone, and my ResLife family has supported me both personally and professionally through it all. The skills and confidence I've learned through working for this department have given me a competitive advantage for my rapidly approaching job search. The sense of community, support, and knowledge I've received from ORL is beyond measure, and I am so grateful for my experiences in Residence Life!


Klare Armstrong, Hall Director

Two words. Student centered. As I made my way through my professional job search this past spring, those were the words that echoed in my mind as I thought of my time interviewing with UWL. I wanted to work for an institution that valued student thought, focused on student development, and kept the 'student experience' in the foreground of all decisions. I found that and so much more at UWL. As a new professional I am constantly blown away by the camaraderie, collaboration, and constant strive towards doing and being better. At UWL I have found an institution that supports my professional growth and development, while allowing me to be my authentic self.


Amolia Schumacher, Desk Coordinator

Since my first year at UWL, I have been fairly involved in the residence halls and on campus. I continued to meet and work with wonderful people in the Office of Residence Life, and I knew I wanted to become the kind of resource I had found within ORL. Applying to be a Student Staff member meant being able to work closely with all the people I was getting to know and forming the types of relationships that last well beyond graduation. In my time with the Office of Residence Life, I have found the freedom to think and act for myself, while having the constant support that has ensured my success. Working within this organization even helped me decide what I wanted to do after graduation as I will be pursuing a degree in Student Affairs. I owe all this and more to ORL and the people within it.


Hanah Diebold, Hall Director

Growing up in Arcadia, La Crosse and UWL were basically in my backyard. I grew up spending a lot of time in the area, and I was familiar with UWL’s positive reputation. After moving away and spending some time outside Wisconsin for grad school and work, I knew I wanted to move back to the area to be closer to family and to experience a sense of familiarity. When I interviewed for the position, I immediately felt at home; I felt respected as a professional and valued as a person! I’ve had so many wonderful interactions with students, staff, and the UWL/La Crosse community and I have felt at home here. The care shown by everyone at UWL has been encouraging and makes me proud to be here and privileged to work with a wonderful group of students, staff, and faculty!



Zachary Delgado, Residence Hall Coordinator

There are many reasons to choose UWL’s Residence Life Program, but I think what stands out for me the most is the level of care they have for each student. UWL really made me feel welcomed and a part of something the moment I stepped foot on campus. I was able to call La Crosse home the day I moved in. As a student staff member, I love that I am able to communicate with anyone on the professional staff and know that my opinions and ideas matter.


Bridget Fish, Resident Assistant

From the first day on campus I knew UW-La Crosse was the place for me. I chose UWL to call home for the next four years and yearned to give back to the campus that has helped me become the person I am today. My freshman year gave me great friendships, wonderful development opportunities, and fantastic memories. With that, I chose to get involved with ORL and joined the Residence Hall Association Council. With my two years in RHAC, I learned more about UWL. The university values and mission statement have allowed students to grow and succeed in numerous ways and helped fuel my passion for working with college students and aided me in choosing to work with ORL as a Resident Assistant. I have enjoyed every opportunity I have been allowed as a student and as an employee at UWL and will relish the memories that have come to me along the way. 


Joe Gow, UWL Chancellor

Living, learning, and working within the Office of Residence Life is something special and is an integral part of the student experience here at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The work of our dedicated students and professionals within Residence Life complements and enhances the academic experience for the 3,500 students who reside on campus. I am continually amazed by the generosity and care of the residents in our eleven halls. Through their programming and community development they bring awareness to a variety of philanthropic efforts, support academic efforts, and provide opportunities for positive social connections. The Residence Life program here at UWL continues to be viewed as a point of pride for this institution and is an instrumental piece for our students' journey to success.