2019-20 Student Staff application opens October 29 at 10 a.m. 

Application closes January 10, 2019 at 9 a.m.

The Student Staff Selection Committee is proud to bring you the application for 2019-20 Residence Life student staff selection. Please take a look at all the important information below (application questions, timeline, contracts, position descriptions, etc.). We encourage you to reflect on what you want to get out of your next year at UWL and hope applying to be an RA or DC is included in that vision!

We will host two Student Staff information nights to inform candidates about the position and to share details for applying to be an RA or DC. Please check the timeline for more specific information. If you are unable to attend, we will post a video recording of the session.

Our mission and guiding principles are very important in our daily work with students. We encourage you to review these so that you understand some of our expectations that guide the work of our student staff members. You can view information on our Residence Life website.

If you have questions or need further details, please contact Klare Armstrong.

Application and selection timeline expanding section

November 12: Student Staff information night at 4 p.m. in Eagle Hall classrooms

November 14: Student Staff information night at 7 p.m. in Eagle Hall basement

November 21: Priority deadline for students who are studying abroad during Spring 2019 and 2018-19 mid-year hire applicants

November 28: Student Staff interview preparation night at 8 p.m. (location TBD)

January 10 at 9 a.m. - All new and returning applications are due

Mid-January: Sign up for interview time slots coordinated via email
February 11: New applicant interview preparation night (location TBD) - attendance optional
February 13: New applicant interview preparation night (location TBD) - attendance optional
February 18-22: New applicant interviews in Eagle Hall basement
March 12: Staff selection decisions communicated

New applicants expanding section

The application for 2019-20 opens on October 29 at 10 a.m.

This application is designed for new applicants only. If you have not held a student staff position (RA or DC) in the past, then this application is for you!

New Applicant Questions:

The following questions are to help you prepare before you complete the application:

  1. The Office of Residence Life believes that inclusivity is intertwined throughout our work. Hall staff strives to create safe, inclusive environments where identities are embraced and respected. After watching the video here, please reflect and answer the questions below: 
    • What did you learnHow did this impact you? How does this impact others?
  2. After reflection upon the Student Staff position description what experiences have led to your desire to serve as a student staff member?
  3.  Please describe an impactful on campus experience you’ve had that gave you a sense of belonging at UWL. As a result of this experience, what are you hoping to provide to our Residence Life community as a student staff member?If you have not felt a sense of belonging at UWL, share what you are hoping to provide to Residence Life as a result of your experiences. 

New Student Staff Application Link is below:

New student staff application

NOTE:  There is no minimum length BUT there is a maximum length of 2,000 characters (including spaces) for responses.  

Returning applicants expanding section

The returner staff application for 2019-20 will open on December 10.

This application is designed for returning applicants only. If you are currently or have ever been a UWL student staff member (RA, DC, SS), then this application is for you! More information coming!

You will need to submit a current resume!

Senior staff interview process expanding section

Senior staff application opens December 10. More information coming!
The Senior Staff presentation is meant to be a time when returning staff members can feature their knowledge, skills, and abilities that would be beneficial to the Senior Staff position. The format in which you present is up to your discretion – take the time to showcase your personality and the information in a way that feels comfortable and authentic to you.
Below are the prompts we want you to include in your presentation. Be sure to include all of the bold prompts below.  The additional questions under the prompts are there to give more context and inspiration.

  • Introduce yourself!
    • Who are you?  What is your identity, what drives you, what are your values? What is your leadership style? How does your identity and values impact your leadership of others?
  • Why you are interested in the position?
    • You can explain better in person than you can on paper.
  • What roles come naturally for you in a team setting?
    • How do you operate in a team? Are you a focus person? Do you bring the fun? Let us know how you interact as a teammate, and how you want to grow in your roles.
  • What is your vision for the position?
    • Take some time to think forward. How do you want to carry out the SS role? What are your goals for the position? What do you want to accomplish? How are you going to help the HD? How are you going to help your RA/DA/Core team? What experience do you have with Core team? What approach do you want to take as an advisor? If you are going to be a SSDC, how are you going to supervise others?
  • What challenges do you need to overcome/take on?
    • Talk about your weaknesses, or areas for growth
  • What are you going to bring to the SS role that is unique?
    • We know you have what it takes to be an RA/DC.  What are you going to bring to the job that is unique?  What helps us say YES to you?
  • Wrap it all up!
    • What thoughts do you want to leave us with?  How do you want to wrap this all up and leave us with a good impression?

Good luck with your interview!