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Service desks are located in the front lobby of each residence hall. They are open the following hours:

Sunday, 11am-midnight
Monday through Thursday, 9am-midnight
Friday, 9am-3am
Saturday, 11am-3am

Equipment available at each desk varies, but includes such items as games, vacuums, and cooking utensils. Computer cords, pizzas, and stamps may be purchased through the front desk. Other services include keys to facilities such as the computer lab. You must have a University identification card and be a resident of the hall to check out items. Rules, regulations, and times for check out vary among residence halls. There is a printer available at the front desk during regular hours. Remote printing is available from both residence hall computer labs and from student rooms.

Cables and cords for sale

Want to wire up your computer to the network? Ethernet cables are $5 at the front desk. 
Need your TV hooked up to watch in your own room? Coaxial cables are $5 at the front desk.

Cable TV channel guide & information

DVD checkout

Each of the front desks at UWL has DVDs ready for you to check out. Take a look at this application to find out how to checkout and return movies to our front desks. Best of all, this service is free of charge! Check it out:

Front desk printing

A lot of students don't bring printers. There is easy access to printers in the residence halls and around campus. A lot of professors will be asking you to submit multi-page papers you type and print. For a small fee, you can print those papers at the front desk using the student printing website:, and then at the front desk you log into the computer facing the students and "release" the job to be printed for you. Make sure you are printing the correct document with the correct number of pages as charges are non-refundable. If you have any questions, the Front Desk Assistants are more than happy to help you.


Want to know when a washer or dryer will be ready for your use? Check out LaundryView:

Eagle and Reuter LaundryView services are currently unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are working to resolve this issue.

Mail service in the residence halls

The residence halls provide both U.S. and campus mail services when classes are in session. Campus mail is a free service for students wishing to correspond with other students or offices on campus. Address campus mail with the recipient's name, campus address, and CAMPUS MAIL printed clearly on the envelope.

NOTE: Campus mail should not be used for the payment of University bills or for items with a deposit.


If you are hungry for a late-night snack, or need the perfect compliment to a roommate movie-night, stop by the front desk and grab a pizza. The Desk Assistant will happily prepare your pizza just the way you like it using our own pizza ovens.

Room repair slips

If something breaks in your room or the laundry machine is not working, we want to know what is wrong so that we can fix it for you! The front desk will have work slips that will help you get your needs addressed. Stop by the front desk and inquire with your Desk Assistant.

Security, emergency assistance, and lock-outs

Do you or your roommates need help? Need to find the Hall Director, RA or emergency personnel? Are you locked out of your room? Go to the front desk and they can help you.

Vending and laundry refunds

If you attempt to use a soda or snack machine and encounter an issue (i.e. product got stuck, machine didn't produce anything) please click this link and fill out the following forms: 

For snack refunds

For soda/pop refunds

The link will take you to a refund form to fill out. A snack refund can be picked up at the Tower One Card Office. Soda refunds are credited to your campus cash.

Refund problems with laundry machines (i.e. swiped your card, money accepted, but machine would not work) can be reported by clicking this link and filling out the form:

For laundry refunds:

Laundry refunds are credited to your campus cash.

Where can I borrow a projector?

If you are looking to use a projector for a hall function, there are some available in the Office of Residence Life to borrow. Typical uses are for mural paintings or hall programs. If you are an RA, feel free to come and pick one up when staff is in the office, or if you are a student wanting to borrow a projector, please talk to your hall director.