COVID-19: Residence Life FAQ

Preparing for Fall 2020

Residence Life is working daily to prepare for the fall semester and ensure that the on campus housing experience is as safe as possible for students.  As we have additional information to share about processes, policies, and services impacted by COVID-19 we will share those updates on this page.  For the most updated information and other UWL announcements for fall 2020, please visit the UWL COVID-19 Response Planning site

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Frequently Asked Questions

Residence Life/Housing

Will my room assignment be impacted by COVID-19? expanding section

At this time we are planning to start the fall semester with our residence halls at typical hall occupancy.  We will be providing more information about room assignments in July.  For additional details, please visit our Room Assignments FAQ page

Last modified: 06/11/2020

What services will be offered at the front desks? expanding section

Due to COVID-19, we must reduce the services offered at each hall's front desk to minimize human to human contact. We will also be adjusting front desk hours. We are putting some additional safety measures in place (plexiglass barriers, regular cleaning and disinfecting, facemasks) to protect both student Desk Assistants and anyone stopping by the front desk. We will temporarily be suspending the check out of games, sports equipment, and kitchen supplies. Specifics will be posted at each front desk. We aim to continue to allow for the check out of cleaning supplies such as vacuums and brooms which will be properly disinfected after each use.

Last modified: 06/15/2020

How will mail/packages be received? expanding section

We are working with UPS, USPS, FedEx, to establish a process that will ensure all mail and packages are delivered in a timely way with limited human to human contact. As the plan develops, we will share information and post the plan at each front desk.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

What will the cleaning/sanitization schedule look like when everyone has moved in? expanding section

We continue to be committed to maintaining clean and safe living environments. Common areas and bathrooms will be cleaned regularly based on recommendations from the CDC and La Crosse County Health. Bathroom cleaning schedules will be posted in each community.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

Will laundry be available? expanding section

Our laundry rooms will remain open. As other common spaces, we will encourage personal responsibility for maintaining appropriate distance, use of face masks, and reducing the number of people in the space.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

Will I have an RA? What will they be doing? expanding section

Resident Assistants (RAs) as well as other Student Staff – Desk Coordinators (DCs) and Students Educating and Embracing Diversity (SEEDs) will continue to serve the critical functions of their positions. For RAs, this includes connecting with each student in their house/community, providing opportunities for students to connect to each other, enforcing community standards and expectations, and providing resources and support to students. During this time of COVID-19, all hall events and community gatherings will be restricted based on guidelines provided by La Crosse County Health Department. Therefore many connections may be virtual or occur only in small groups.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

How will social gatherings be monitored? expanding section

We encourage a high level of personal responsibility for each student. Where possible, we will limit the use of some common areas/studies. Posted recommendations from La Crosse County Health Department will appear in common areas that cannot be closed.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

Can I have guests if it is okay with my roommates/suitemates? expanding section

Our revised guest policy is still being developed. However, it should be anticipated that guests will be limited or restricted. This includes having guests in each student’s room and/or in common areas of the residence hall.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

How can I ensure my roommate(s) are following recommendations and expectations to keep myself safe? expanding section

We always encourage roommates to complete a roommate agreement which addresses items such as sleeping schedule, use of the room for study vs. leisure, guest expectations, sharing of personal items, etc. We will add specific questions related to COVID-19 expectations and recommendations. Each roommate group will be expected to review and discuss the questions on the roommate agreement and come to a common understanding to keep each other safe. If roommates do not agree, we will side on the more conservative and more safe preferences of involved roommates. This is a new conversation for roommates to have. We encourage each student to consider their own thoughts and preferences and be prepared to advocate for themselves and their own needs in their living space. RAs will help facilitate these conversations if needed.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

How will move in be coordinated? expanding section

A number of changes will be made to reduce the number of people in any residence hall during move in. Please see the details on our move in page!

Last modified: 06/11/2020

What if I start to feel sick or suspect I have COVID-19? expanding section

Please review all recommendations and guidelines on the UWL Health Center Website.

Last modified: 06/11/2020

How will students living in the residence halls self-quarantine if necessary? expanding section

If it is recommended by a health professional that a student requires quarantine, we encourage them to do so at home. If that is not possible, we have reserved spaces on campus for this purpose. Students in quarantine will have meals delivered and will need to work with their individual instructors to determine how best to continue their coursework during this time period.

Last modified: 07/23/2020