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Drake Hall is a traditional, co-ed, cube-style residence hall that has 264 residents. The majority of the rooms are standard double rooms, however there are also traditional triple rooms in the corners of each cube. Each cube is single-gendered with 16 rooms and a shared bathroom. Each Drake floor is comprised of 2 cubes interconnected by a study. Drake Hall has a mixture of upperclass and first year students. The hall is located centrally on campus just a few steps from Whitney Dining Center and Centennial Hall.

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Fast facts
Mailing Address:
Room #, Letter,
Drake Hall 
1510 Badger Street 
La Crosse, WI 54601
Drake Hall Front Desk:
Drake Hall Director: 
Alice Drake expanding section
  • Taught from 1931-1962
  • Department: Originally English, then moved to Education/Rural Education
  • Before coming to teach at the La Crosse State Teacher’s College (LCSTU), Alice Drake moved around the country, educating children in rural areas of America
  • Even though her passion area was English, her time in the field made her the perfect instructor of Education
  • She was invited to the White House by FDR to speak at a conference on Rural Education in 1940
  • Before retiring, served as the Chair/Director of the Elementary (1956) and Rural (1940) Education departments
  • The now disbanded student organization known as the Drakels was named in honor of her work. The group was non-traditional students coming back to finish up education degrees
Hall amenities expanding section

Traditional Double

Room style

  • Traditional double
Traditional Double

Students per room

  • 2 students in room
  • Shared community bathroom

Room dimensions

  • 15'6" long x 11'6" wide x 8' tall

Furniture/Appliances provided

  • 2 Beds, mattresses, and lofting parts (6'8'' long x 2'9'' wide)
    *Homemade frames not allowed
  • 2 Desks (2' deep x 3'6" wide x 2'4.5" tall)
  • 2 Desk chairs
  • 2 Bookshelves (1'2" deep x 2'11" wide x 2'5" tall)
  • 2 Dressers (1' 7" deep x 2'3" wide x 3'6" tall)
  • 2 Large closets (2'2" deep x 3'6" wide x 7'6" tall)
  • Refrigerator (shared) (1'6" deep x 1'7" wide x 2'10" tall)
  • Trash and recycling bins

Traditional Triple

Room style

  • Traditional triple

Students per room

  • 3 students in room
  • Shared community bathroom

Room dimensions

  • 20' long x 10'8" wide x 8' tall

Furniture/Appliances provided

  • 3 Beds, mattresses, and lofting parts for 2 beds (6'8'' long x 2'9'' wide)
    *Homemade frames not allowed
  • 3 Desks (2' deep x 3'6" wide x 2'4.5" tall)
  • 3 Desk chairs
  • 2 Bookshelves (1'2" deep x 2'11" wide x 2'5" tall)
  • 3 Dressers (1' 7" deep x 2'3" wide x 3'6" tall)
  • 2 Large closets (2'3" deep x 6'3" wide x 7'6" tall), 1 wardrobe
  • Refrigerator (shared) (1'6" deep x 1'7" wide x 2'10" tall)
  • Trash and recycling bins

Other Building Amenities

Air conditioning

  • No


  • Single-sex community restrooms by cube, with toilets, showers, and sinks
  • 1 gender inclusive restroom in basement

Bathroom cleaning

  • Daily bathroom cleaning at specified times

Cable television

  • Outlets and Services Provided


  • No, each room is fully tiled

Computer lab

  • Yes


  • No


  • Wireless and ports


  • 1 full kitchen in basement

Laundry facilities

  • Laundry room located in basement, Campus Cash only!
You can add Campus Cash at the card office or on their website at: Eagle ID card


  • Common areas located between each cube
  • Multiple study lounges and social spaces in basement


  • Each room provides beds for students
  • Beds are loftable or bunk-able (see video)
  • Mattresses are extra Long (80" long x 36" wide)
  • no linens are provided


  • Located near Volleyball court
  • Located near Basketball court
Multicultural Validation Program (MVP) expanding section

The Multicultural Validation Program (MVP) is a collaborative effort with the Office of Residence Life and Multicultural Student Services to increase retention and persistence of multicultural students on campus and living in the residence halls by connecting students with peer mentors, professional staff advisors, and on campus opportunities. The current program currently consists of 4 peer mentors who have experienced at least one year in the program and 7 incoming first year students. The incoming first year students reside in Drake Hall and have regular meetings with their peer mentors and professional advisors. All individuals participating in MVP (mentors and first year students) must uphold a GPA requirement, attend monthly MVP social/development events, and be involved in at least one multicultural student organization on campus.

Comments from students involved in MVP:

“I couldn’t understand why being around people that looked like you was important to some people. I had never experienced what it was like to actually be around a group of other people of color and to feel that kind of comfort. It feels kind of weird that this school of 90% white people would be the one to provide me with this kind of experience, but it has been really good.”  - First year student 

“Without the MVP program I would have felt lost, especially in the beginning. This program is how I made my first connections.” - Second year scholar 

“In my meetings with my advisors and mentor has indeed made me feel as though I’ve got a good system of dealing with anything that might happen to me in the future, and that’s a very good feeling and I’m glad I have these resources to help me along.” - First year scholar  

“I am excited to be a mentor this year. I am excited to be able to help incoming freshmen get used to campus and college life. I also think I will have fun and be able to gain good experience mentoring people that will help me later on in life. I’m excited to see how this year develops and how I will grow as a person and a mentor.” - Second year scholar  

To learn more about the MVP Program, email Matt Evensen, Angela Birrittella, or Megan Pierce or call 608.785.8075.