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White Hall is a traditional, wing-style residence hall that is home to approximately 220 first year students. Wing residence halls have long hallways with student rooms on either side. The term traditional means that residents in this building live in standard double rooms with a shared bathroom facility. White Hall is single-gendered by floor.

White Hall is named after the professor who created the Homecoming Lantern Tradition.


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Fast facts
Mailing Address:
Room #, Letter,
White Hall 
1806 Farwell Street 
La Crosse, WI 54601
White Hall Front Desk:
White Hall Director: 
Orris White expanding section
  • Taught 1914-1952
  • Department: English
  • White served in the Army during World War 1, fighting the Germans on the French front
  • After the war was over, Orris spent time in Europe teaching and traveling. Locations included Bonn, Normandy, Vosges, and the French Riviera.
  • White was a lover of poetry, and wrote many poems about the natural beauty of the Coulee Region (many of which can be found in Special Collections!)
  • White began the tradition of the Hanging/Lighting of Lantern (which used to be a Homecoming Tradition). It’s significance was for alumni, and welcomed them back to campus
  • Here is an excerpt of the poem he wrote about it : “We’ll hang the lantern in the old college tower over the south door. You won’t need to look for the key, --the door will be open!”
Hall amenities expanding section

Traditional Double

Room style

  • Traditional double
Traditional Double

Students per room

  • 2 students in room
  • Shared community bathroom

Room dimensions

  • 15'6" long x 11'6" wide x 8' tall

Furniture/Appliances provided

  • 2 Beds, mattresses, and lofting parts (6'8'' long x 2'9'' wide)
    *Homemade frames not allowed
  • 2 Desks (2' deep x 3'6" wide x 2'4.5" tall)
  • 2 Desk chairs
  • 2 Bookshelves (1'2" deep x 2'11" wide x 2'5" tall)
  • 2 Dressers (1' 7" deep x 2'3" wide x 3'6" tall)
  • 2 Large closets (2'2" deep x 3'6" wide x 7'6" tall)
  • Refrigerator (shared) (1'6" deep x 1'7" wide x 2'10" tall)
  • Trash and recycling bins

Other Building Amenities

Air conditioning

  • No


  • Single-sex community restrooms by floor, with toilets, showers, and sinks
  • 1 gender inclusive restroom in basement

Bathroom cleaning

  • Daily bathroom cleaning at specified times

Cable television

  • Outlets and Services Provided


  • No, each room is fully tiled

Computer lab

  • Yes


  • No


  • Wireless and ports


  • 1 full kitchen in basement

Laundry facilities

  • Laundry room located in basement, Campus Cash only!
You can add Campus Cash at the card office or on their website at: Eagle ID card


  • Multiple study lounges and social spaces in basement


  • Each room provides beds for students
  • Beds are loftable or bunk-able (see video)
  • Mattresses are extra Long (80" long x 36" wide)
  • no linens are provided


  • Located near Volleyball court