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Incoming Freshman, transfer and continuing student scholarships are available through the UWL Foundation. Information and application forms are available online through the UWL Foundation which administers all scholarships. UWL Foundation Scholarships are available each year starting October 1st. UWL Foundation scholarships are awarded in April and the funds will be applied the following Fall.

The 2017-18  UWL Foundation Scholarship are now open! UWL Foundation Scholarships will be due by February 1, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
Students who will be enrolled at UW-La Crosse for the 2017-18 academic year are eligible to apply for scholarships.

I used the system last year; do I have the same username and password?
If you previously signed up for the online system with a non-UWL email, please make sure to sign-in using your current UWL email. If you are a current student and a new user to the system, please sign-up with your UWL email and create a password.

I could not sign-in to the scholarship website because it states: "This user could not be saved or submitted because of 1 error: Password is invalid." What do I do?
Go to the sign-in page, and click on the “trouble signing in” link located in the bottom left corner.  The link will take you to another page where you will enter your email address to re-set your password.

I am a sophomore; do I apply for scholarships that reference “sophomore” in the criteria?
If scholarship criteria states a specific class level, i.e., freshman (1st Year);  sophomore (2nd year); junior (3rd year); senior (4th or 5th year); or Graduate, please note that this refers to the class level you will be at for the 2017-18 academic year (or at the time the scholarship is paid).

How do I search for UWL scholarships?
You must first update or complete the general application before searching or applying for other specific scholarships. “Our” scholarships are those funded through the UWL Foundation. Use the search tab to search for UWL Foundation scholarships.  Use broad keywords such as theat (to search for theatre or theater scholarships), phy or exercise (to search for physical education, physical therapy or other ESS scholarships).

What are External opportunities?
In addition to scholarships offered by the UWL Foundation, you will also find information on hundreds of external scholarships.This database is still active but no longer updated by the UWL Financial Aid Office or Scholarship Resource Center. If you would like more information on external scholarship opportunities please visit the Scholarship Resource Center External Database (Hyperlink Database). The Scholarship Resource Center has researched these external scholarships. They are legitimate scholarship opportunities and we encourage you to visit the websites and apply.

How do I upload a transcript?
Continuing students must upload a current unofficial UWL transcript.  You can access an unofficial transcript via WINGS, My Academics, View my Unofficial Transcript, save to your computer and then upload to your scholarship application