The Introductory Visit - University Supervisor / Cooperating Teacher / Student Teacher / Intern

  • Exchange contact information. Any concerns should be shared directly with university supervisor immediately. Email, phone numbers, best time to reach. 
  • Refer to the website to access forms, important dates, SIPs (Standards in Practice) assessments. 
  • ASSA attachment - every four years, cooperating teachers need to complete a new ASSA form to be compensated. They will receive an email prompt to complete one if needed. (The state requires us to use SSN for this payment, so please comply.) 
  • Review the responsibilities of each member of the triad relationship. (One formal evaluation from the cooperating teacher is collected by the university supervisor for submission to the OFE.) 
  • Explain the Student Teaching TRIAD relationship - university supervisor is lead on triad discussions and is responsible for submitting ALL documents to the UW-La Crosse School of Education Assessment Coordinator. University supervisor is the lead assessor in the relationship. 
  • Review the student teaching attendance policy. There are NO approved absences from student teaching. ALL absences must be reported to the Office of Field Experience - - in addition to university supervisor. Cooperating teachers may NOT excuse student teachers from student teaching. All special situations must go directly to the Office of Field Experience - Review this is state statute - full days, full semesters, following the host school's calendar… 
  • Remind student teachers to keep their student teaching binders up to date. Review lesson planning expectations and establish when both cooperating teacher and university supervisor will examine lesson plans prior to student teacher's delivery of lessons. 
  • Share with cooperating teacher that student teachers will have a weekly "check in" with the university supervisor. Request that the cooperating teacher check in with university supervisor once every two weeks or as necessary. 
  • Define appropriate dress for the placement.
  • Acknowledge the cooperating teacher is providing a valued mentoring service to the student teacher and to UWL School of Education. If, at any time, the cooperating teacher has concerns that are beyond the scope of the mentoring relationship, they should immediately contact the university supervisor and/or the UWL Office of Field Experience at 608.785.8126. 
Rationale for this protocol: 
When a student teacher is struggling with either skill development or dispositional concerns, we often hear there were misunderstandings or lack of communication regarding these important details of the student teaching expectations. 
Taking the time up front to have the protocol triad conversation will help eliminate misunderstandings and help to support student success. 
Cindy Duley and Lindsey Butts
Office of Field Experience 608.785.8126