Grow Our Own - Teacher Diversity Program


Mission and Program Overview

Mission: The goal of the Grow Our Own Teacher Diversity (GOO-TD) program is to increase the number of highly qualified and culturally diverse licensed teachers in the surrounding PK-12 school districts. 

Program Overview: GOO-TD is a scholarship program where the School of Education provides multiple layers of support (not limited to financial and professional) for participants to receive an undergraduate degree in teacher education at UWL. It is not an alternative teacher certification program or a fast-track to certification. Classes are offered during traditional day-time hours with few online and evening classes. Due to grant funding guidelines, participants must meet all of the requirements for ongoing financial support.

Benefits for GOO-TD Participants: 

  1. Full tuition and fees.
  2. Paid expenses associated with required benchmark assessments for licensure (up to two attempts). 
  3. One-on-one support from a program-specific advisor, the Sr. Equity Advisor/Recruiter and the Academic Services Director/Teacher Certification Officer, in addition to other professionals as needed.

New Applicants 

Eligibility Requirements (Complete ALL Steps):

  1. Meet UWL academic requirements and complete application for admission to UWL (GOO-TD does not cover the $50 University Admission application fee).
  2. Provide a statement (no longer than 3 pages, double spaced) articulating the applicant’s commitment to teaching, diversity, and equity (include a program of interest and age group).
  3. Provide two signed letters of recommendation.
  4. Include unofficial transcripts from previous institutions (official transcript is required for UWL Admission).
  5. Complete and file a current year’s FAFSA.

How to Apply: 

  • Step 1: Complete the application for admission to UWL (
  • Step 2: Email the following information to the Sr. Equity Advisor/Recruiter at
    • Use the email subject line: ATTN: GOO-TD New Student Application.
    • A statement (no longer than 3 pages, double spaced) articulating your commitment to teaching, diversity, and equity. Please also include your program of interest and age group in the statement.
    • Two letters of recommendation (they must be signed and dated).
    • Unofficial transcript(s) from all previous institution(s) attended.
  • Step 3: Complete and file a current year’s FAFSA at

Screening Process:

  1. The GOO-TD Admissions Committee will include:
  • Equity Advisor/Recruiter.
  • Academic Services Director/Teacher Certification Officer.
  • Teacher Education Program Director for the appropriate program.
  1. Applications will be screened based on a holistic evaluation that includes the applicant’s academic credentials, letters of recommendation, and the ability to serve & support diverse populations in PK-12 schools. Financial status and current/past employment in a PK-12 school may also be considered.
  2. Upon UWL admission, candidates who wish to have prior experience evaluated must submit a portfolio for review to the GOO-TD Admissions Committee that includes documentation of relevant work/academic history.

Current GOO-TD Participants 

Program Requirements for Ongoing Financial Support: 

  1. Maintain a 2.75 GPA (cumulative and per semester).
  2. Complete at least 12 credits of coursework towards academic program per academic year from the following terms: Summer, Spring, Fall, or Winter. 
  3. Attend established meetings with academic program and GOO-TD advisors.
  4. Meet EPC program admission and UWL retention policies. 
  5. Display a positive attitude, work ethic, and professional demeanor in classes and field experiences.
  6. Participate in program publicity, recruitment endeavors, and/or professional development opportunities. 

Students Who do Not Meet Program Requirements Each Semester:

  1. Attend mandatory meetings with the Sr. Equity Advisor and/or EPC professionals to establish a “Plan for Success” and shared with academic advisor(s).
  2. Reevaluate “Plan for Success” at the end of the semester with advisor(s).
  3. Make academic/dispositional progress by end of semester or GOO-TD scholarship will be forfeited (if declared academically ineligible by UWL at the end of the term, the scholarship will automatically be forfeited).
  4. Academic probation is a violation of not meeting program expectations - automatic forfeit of scholarship.

Drop Classes After Due Dates:

  1. Classes cannot be dropped after the established deadline to do so has passed.
  2. If a student decides to drop after the deadline, the student will be responsible for their own tuition payment.
  3. If a student has an emergency situation that requires dropping of classes past the established deadline, then the student must contact the Sr. Equity Advisor/Recruiter for assistance in writing. Failure to communicate in a timely manner will result in the student being billed for the tuition.

Medical or Regular University Withdrawal/Incompletes from UWL:

  1. Send notice in writing to the Sr. Equity Advisor/Recruiter.
  2. Work with the Sr. Equity Advisor and Student Life professionals to facilitate the process and discuss options.
  3. Automatic forfeit of GOO-TD scholarship.
  4. May reapply for future consideration.

Completion Expectations: 

  1. GOO-TD program completers are expected to make a good faith effort to procure employment in an area PK-12 school in Wisconsin. 
  2. GOO-TD program completers are expected to provide contact and employment information to the EPC and UWL alumni database.

Support for the GOO-TD Program

The GOO-TD program is supported in part with generous funding from the following sources:

Apply Now!

Applications are open until November 15th, 2019. Late applications will not be accepted.   

Application Timeline
Date Action
November 15, 2019 Application Deadline
December 2019 Application review
December 27, 2019 Students notified 
January 2020 Meet with all GOO-TD participants and advisors

Email application materials to the Sr. Equity Advisor / Recruiter at