Kazoua Yang

Early Childhood-Middle Childhood Teacher Candidate (UWL)
& Teaching Assistant (Summit Elementary School)

Kazoua Yang teaches students at Summit Elementary

In second grade, Kazoua Yang had someone who helped her connect in the classroom and made learning easier — her elementary school teacher. “She never made me feel like I was different, and she always expressed her appreciation for our culture.”

Kazoua realized in second grade the power of a good teacher. That’s the moment she knew she wanted to become one too.  She earned a degree to become a teaching assistant at Western Technical College and was accepted into the UWL GOO-TD program last year.  She found support from faculty in the program and staff at her school. They have given her the flexibility with her schedule and credits to achieve her education dream, as well as academic and financial support. While giving students new opportunities to reach goals, the program also fills larger societal goals of increasing teacher diversity. Yang sees this program as a way to fill that important need.

“As a teacher of color, I see how students of color can relate to me — especially the Hmong students. Their teacher says they never talk in class, but they talk to me in Hmong and they feel comfortable with me.”