SOE handbook

History of EPC and Accreditation and Program Approval

History of EPC

Accreditation and Program Approval

In 2000, Wisconsin legislators approved Wisconsin Administrative code PI 34. This resulted in the implementation of an educator preparation program approval process and educator licensing process that are both standards and performance-based.

 Institutions are responsible for providing evidence that their programs prepare educators who are able to meet the standards established by the state of Wisconsin in Chapter PI 34. The evidence is reviewed during the program approval process. Institutions must demonstrate that all of the program approval components of PI 34 are met. Institutions undergo a comprehensive Initial Program Approval to ensure compliance with PI 34. Following the initial approval, continuing program approval decisions are based on a “Continuous Review Process.”

PI 34.01 (15) “Continuous review process” means a system of review and approval of teacher education programs whereby program results are reviewed by the department annually and approval is granted by the state superintendent on a 5-year basis.

PI 34.06 (3) Continuing program approval decisions shall be based on a continuous review process. Every institution shall be visited each year by the DPI department liaison or other department professional staff. The program evaluation and approval shall be based on the performance of candidates for license measured against the standards in such. II as described in s. PI 34.15 (1).

PI 34.06 (3) (b) If during the years of continual approval, an institution initiates a complete redesign of the professional preparation program, the state superintendent shall review and may approve the redesigned program following the procedure set forth in sub. (2).

PI 34.06 (4) Institutions shall submit new programs and substantive changes in previously approved programs to the state superintendent for approval prior to implementing a new program or change. 


Organization of EPC

Unit Structure

The School of Education, Professional, and Continuing Education (EPC) has a comprehensive and dynamic structure, where 23 programs across all colleges and schools at the university work collaboratively to support best practices in teaching, learning, and leading.   The major units within EPC include:

The Department of Educational Studies prepares teachers for work in elementary and middle schools.  EPC also works collaboratively with departments in the College of Liberal Studies and the College of Science and Health to prepare teachers in art education, music education, world language education, secondary education, physical education, and school health education.  EPC oversees several graduate programs including School Psychology, Reading, Professional Development, Physical Education, and Adapted Physical Education.

Professional Studies in Education also offers a number of master’s degree programs in professional development, certificate programs in education, and a certification program to support the ongoing growth of in-service teachers.

Continuing Education and Extension works to connect the university and the community, offering diverse programs to meet the needs of individuals of all ages.

Organizational Chart

see Orgnizational Chart page 

Information on SOE offices

EPC Administration

EPC Dean:  Marcie Wycoff-Horn   608.785.6786

EPC Associate Deans
Linda Dickmeyer  608.785.6715
Adrienne Loh  608.785.8275

Dean's Assistant (University Service Program Associate): Jill Kirkpatrick      608.785.8134

Serves as the administrative assistant to the Dean of EPC and manages office operations including coordinating communications with all constituents in EPC. Provides administrative assistance in coordination and implementation of all logistical activities relative to the EPC office, and manages and maintains the scheduling of the Dean’s calendar. Responsible for handling various aspects of the financial budget and expenditures for the EPC office. Works on website development, special events and grant assistance and various other tasks as assigned by the Dean.

EPC Business Manager: Scott Peterson           608.785.6492

Assessment, Advising, and Recruitment

Academic Services Director/Teacher Certification Officer: Ashley Cree           608.785.8127

Under the supervision of the Dean of EPC, this position is responsible for representing the Dean with regards to student academic issues and serving as a resource on academic policies, procedures, and degree requirements for teacher education students, faculty and staff. This position is responsible for verifying degree completion for undergraduate teacher education students/graduates and students in master’s and certificate programs after each term. This position is also responsible for verifying program completion for graduates applying for licensure in any state requiring institutional verification of program completion, and is the institutional resource on teacher licensing rules for the State of Wisconsin. The certification officer works closely with the Dean to ensure compliance with Wisconsin teacher licensing rules. Additional work includes collection, maintenance, and reporting of program completers and testing for licensure data to state and federal agencies.

Administrative Assistant (University Services Associate 2): Jill Sweetman      608.785.8706

This position provides administrative support to associates in EPC, with primary support for the Academic Services Director/Teacher Certification Officer. Functions include data entry in WINGS with regards to Change of Program/Plan forms, posting various test scores, and end-of-semester reporting. Additional responsibilities include scheduling appointments for students with the Academic Services Director/Teacher Certification Officer, completing Verification of Completion forms, scheduling meetings, assisting with the coordination of Campus Close-Up Academic Sessions, and planning/preparing information for various events that the Academic Services Director/Teacher Certification Officer attends. This position also assists with greeting students, staff and faculty as they call and/or come into the EPC office.

Assessment Coordinator: Katie Hosley-Frieden       608.785.8148

Assists teacher education programs in the development of assessment tools and measures. Responsible for collecting and analyzing data across EPC programs for reporting to accrediting bodies, such as the Higher Learning Commission, UW System, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Collaborates with Program Directors and faculty regarding assessment needs, including goals and objectives, designing direct and indirect assessment measures, coordinating and overseeing data collection relating to the assessment of learning outcomes, and managing databases. Gathers data from EPC alumni and employers of alumni.

Senior Multicultural Education Advisor: Vacant

This position is part of the UW-System Teacher Recruitment Retention Initiative (TRRI). The purpose of TRRI is to increase the enrollment and improve the retention and graduation rates of students of color in the teacher program. The two primary goals of the position are (1) to create sustainable retention strategies that systematically support students of color in the School of Education, and (2) to increase the number of graduates in high needs areas for the teaching profession. These include students of color, male elementary teachers and female math and science teachers who enter into the School of Education programs at UW-La Crosse. 

Partnerships, Professional Development, and Outreach (Includes Office of Field Experience)

The Office of Field Experience verifies that all students have completed the legal forms and cleared the designated criminal background checks before entering the schools. This is where student files and documentation of field experience requirements are maintained to ensure compliance with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) guidelines.

Administrative Assistant (University Services Associate 2): Brea Grace      608-785-8126

Works with Field Experience Coordinators to support the Office of Field Experience, and assists with general EPC projects.  Manages the field experience database for teacher candidate placements, cooperating teachers’ licenses and availability, and school district information.  Confirms that teacher candidates have completed required forms including medical records and criminal background checks, and registers candidates for seminar and student teaching/internship courses.  Provides administrative support for the Eagle Alert and the Teacher Candidate Progress Review process.

Field Experience Coordinator & Communications Specialist (Elementary/Middle Programs):
Lindsey Butts         608.785.5034

Responsible for coordinating the placement of teacher candidates in Early Childhood and Middle Childhood teacher education licensure programs throughout their PK-12 field experiences, including student teaching. Represents UWL as a liaison to schools/teachers in the PK-12 system, and cultivates partnership sites (i.e., professional development schools) to ensure that the needs of both the teacher candidates and the PK-12 school districts are met. Serves as a communication specialist who creates and coordinates the communication output for EPC, including development and management of the newsletter, website, social media and other communication outlets.

Field Experience Coordinator & Partnership Specialist (EC-A, EA-A Programs): Cindy Duley      608.785.8736

Coordinates clinical field experiences in PK-12 settings for teacher candidates prior to student teaching (many of these being professional development school sites). Supports faculty and staff by serving as the liaison to local schools and teachers, and facilitates the placement procedures for all school experiences. Collaborates with faculty and staff to provide support to teacher candidates as they develop professionally.   

Professional Development & Outreach Coordinator: Rick Stewart           608.785.8133

Provides support for edTPA at UW-L, specifically coordinating training and other services or supports for faculty, teacher candidates, and PK-12 teachers. Creates professional development opportunities for UW-L faculty and teacher candidates, and for PK-12 teachers 

SoEL Team 

The School of Education Leadership (SoEL) Team is charged with advising the Dean on the policies, procedures, activities, resources, and facilities of the School.

Responsibilities include:

  • Make formal recommendations to the Dean regarding changes in programs, assessment procedures and all other aspects of the School
  • Provide the primary voice for teacher preparation on campus and overall guidance to all School activities.


  • Dean, EPC
  • Assistant Dean, EPC
  • Chair, Department of Educational Studies
  • Program Director, School Health Education
  • Program Director, Physical Education Teacher Education
  • Program Director, EC-MC
  • Program Director, MC-EA
  • Program Director, EA-A (STEP)
  • Program Director, EC-A
  • Program Director, Graduate School Psychology
  • Director, Institute for Professional Studies in Education


  • Field Experience Coordinators (x2)
  • Academic Services Director/Certification Officer
  • Professional Development & Outreach
  • Assessment Coordinator