Student organizations

Aspiring Educators of Wisconsin

Adviser:  Dr. Valerie Krage

Phone:  608.785.8136


Aspiring Educators of Wisconsin is a statewide pre-professional organization for all prospective educators. Its goal is to help these educators make a smooth transition from the campus to their profession through active involvement in professional training, community projects, and multicultural and diversity experiences. Student WEA also issues forums, visitations to private and public schools, community service, and social gatherings.

Collegiate Middle Level Association (CMLA)

Advisers: Dr. Leslie Rogers Dr. Lisa Pitot
Phone: 608.785.8142 608.785.8139

The purposes of the Student CMLA shall be: (1) to develop in prospective middle level educators and understanding and appreciation of the total education profession, thus stimulating the highest professional standards, ethics, and attitudes with all age groups; (2) to establish communication between the Student CMLA, its affiliates, college students and other education associations; (3) to provide for education students a local, state, and national voice in matters affecting their education and the profession.

Kappa Delta Pi (The International Honor Society in Education)

Adviser:  Dr. Charlotte Roberts              

Phone:  608.785.8146


The purpose of the Beta Tau Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi is to promote excellence in and recognize outstanding contributions to education. It shall endeavor to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members, quicken professional growth, and honor achievement in education work. The group shall invite to membership such persons as exhibit commendable professional qualities, worthy educational ideals and sound scholarship.

Music Educators National Conference-Student Chapter #361, UWL (MENC)

Adviser:  Dr. Tammy Fisher

Phone:  608.785.8411


Members become acquainted with the privileges and responsibilities of the music education field and have opportunities to meet leaders in the music education profession. MENC assists the university in various projects throughout the year.

National Arts Education Association-Student Chapter, UWL

This organization is involved in the preparation of future art educators. We try to offer a variety of activities, including field trips, conferences, and quest speakers that will enhance the knowledge of our members. In addition, it allows art education students to get to know one another and develop future contacts in the field.

National Honorary in Health Education

Adviser:  Dr. Keely Rees

Phone:  608.785.8168

Email: or

The purpose of the Beta Phi Chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma is to promote health education through teaching, service, research and advocacy.  Students are involved in various projects on campus, in local schools and the community. Additional goals of the honorary include promotion of professional standards and ethics, networking activities among health educators and recognizing academic achievement.

Physical Education Majors Club

Adviser:  Dr. Deb Sazama

Phone:  608.785.8183


Physical Education Majors Club is an organization designed to bring together all students who focus of study is in the field of Exercise and Sport Science - Physical Education Teaching. This organization allows students to share and receive information regarding current issues in the field, current workshops, classes or conventions available an all other types of pertinent information regarding all aspects of physical education. Students also gain valuable experiences through guest speakers, recreational and community-based activities and fundraising opportunities.

Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC)

Adviser:  Dr. Melissa McGraw

Phone:  608.785.8658


SCEC is a student organization that focuses on special education. We focus on disabilities in educational settings. We also do community outreach to educate K-12 students about disabilities. Opportunities to attend state and national conferences are available.