What our Teacher Candidates Say

 "I loved getting to know all of the kids in…class. I also learned so much from [the cooperating teacher] and I loved her approach to teaching."

"My most memorable celebration while in field was when I taught my first lesson. It was difficult, but in the end, seeing the success on the student's faces was priceless."

"My most memorable celebration…has been making connections and bonding with students. There really isn't a greater feeling than walking into a classroom and feeling the excitement of children when they are happy you are there. I love being able to just simply help them, make them feel appreciated and known, and working together to make their experience at school more enjoyable."

"My most memorable experience was being able to go into a classroom where the students are still excited about learning.  My cooperating teacher was wonderful and students were always so engaged.  I had permission to bring some new ideas into the classroom…  It is nice to know that cooperating teachers trust us with their students."

"My most memorable celebration was watching my tutoring student become a better reader and become more confident in her reading. Also, on a personal level I feel as though I have become more confident in front of students and in my abilities as a teacher."

What our Cooperating Teachers Say

"Having my last clinical student in the classroom was such a positive experience for the students. They received much more attention individually and in small group. They were exposed to a different style of teaching/personality - good for kids to have. Observing how the clinical student and I worked collaboratively was beneficial to the students. They really missed having her when she left."

"My clinical student was a great help to my students.  She was attentive to their needs and designed lessons that were based on best practice for them as students."

"They are building relationships with our students...many of our kids need another responsible, caring adult in their lives. They are also able to work one on one in various academic situations which is incredibly helpful!"

"Impacting in a good way…students are bringing fresh ideas to the classroom."

"They are invaluable in terms of supplying a fresh perspective as well as serving to help students one-on-one."

"There are many students that receive one on one attention and guidance that they would not otherwise have access to.  They also bring an excitement to the classroom that the kids feed off of to make learning enjoyable."