Lesson Study for College Teachers: An Online Guide

What are Lesson Study Project Logs?

Project Logs are customized "blogs" (or "weblogs") that are available for use by participants of the Lesson Study Project. Not all lesson study teams choose to keep project logs, but, to pace their work, some keep these electronic records on an ongoing basis.

Team members can post log entries, which are then listed in the order they are submitted. Anybody can read log entries and comment on them.

Although project logs are optional, they facilitate Lesson Study in many ways. They

  • help those new to Lesson Study understand the process
  • build a record of team progress
  • result in a draft manuscript for possible publication
  • allow others to make teaching improvements based on your lesson

Note to Lesson Study Project Team Members

When you are on a page in the online guide, simply click on Submit Entry under "Documenting Progress." You can find this link on the lower right hand side of the page.

Project Log Help

You can also use the quick links on this page (see below) or go directly to http://lessonstudy.blogs.com

As part of the Lesson Study process, teams may choose to revisit their earlier log entries and add notes about changes in their process as well as new findings. (See Step 6: Repeat the Process). To do this, the team will go to the appropriate project log and then look for the "Comments" link immediately below their log entry.

Project Log Help

Note to Outside Visitors and External Reviewers

Outside visitors are welcome to read and comment on log entries at any time. Simply click on the "comments" link that follows each entry (see above).

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