Lesson Study for College Teachers: An Online Guide

Step 1: Form a Lesson Study Team

A Lesson Study group usually consists of several teachers (3-6) who are interested in working together to improve their teaching and student learning.

To ensure multiple perspectives, a lesson study group should involve no fewer than three teachers. Having more than six may make arranging meetings and finding common ground difficult.

Typically, participants are from the same discipline. Include anyone who is interested, even if a person does not teach the course for which the lesson is being developed. If participants would like to focus on first year experiences or general education issues, cross-disciplinary groups may be desirable. Cross-campus teams may also be possible if regular meetings, virtual or otherwise, can be arranged.

How often should we meet?
Should we videotape or record our meetings?

Do we need human subjects approval?

What does an informed consent form look like?

How Teams Form

Documenting Progress

  1. Who will be on your team? For each participant, record the person’s name, dept/unit, and email.
  2. Briefly describe the course, its place in the curriculum, and the student population.
  3. Optional: Submit a digital photograph of your team.
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