7. Document and Disseminate

Lesson study investigates how students think and respond to our instruction. Teachers observe the kinds of difficulties and problems students commonly experience in the classroom. Even when lessons—or our attempts to study them—do not go as planned, they help us understand how teaching affects student learning and development.

By documenting your lesson study work, you contribute to a pedagogical knowledge base for teachers and researchers in your field. We invite college lesson study practitioners to publish their lesson study materials and research findings in the Lesson Study Showcase.

Lesson Study is substantive professional work that should count in retention, promotion and tenure. The Teaching Improvement Profile Template is intended to help you write a coherent summary of your lesson study work that you could use as evidence of teaching improvement.

Many teams also present their work at campus and professional conferences and publish in discipline-specific or scholarship of teaching and learning periodicals.

Q & A

How can my team submit work to the Lesson Study Showcase?

Use these guidelines to prepare your completed lesson study for publication in the Lesson Study Showcase. When you are finished, email a single Word or PDF file to catl@uwlax.edu.

Where can I find examples of completed lesson studies?

You can find numerous examples from a wide range of disciplines in the Lesson Study Showcase.

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