Lesson Study for College Teachers: An Online Guide

The Lesson Study for College Teachers Online Guide takes you through the lesson study process. The guide features descriptions of essential steps, answers to common questions, video clips of college teachers doing lesson study, and opportunities to interact and share work in progress. (You can preview all the steps quickly in about 10 minutes.)

We invite you to use this guide to begin (or continue) Lesson Study on your campus. Click on the graphic below to start the guide or click "next."

Develop Student Learning Goals Plan the Research Lesson Gather Evidence of Student Learning Analyze Evidence of Student Learning
Form a Team Repeat the Process
Culminating Products: Research Lesson Plan, Observation Guide, and Research Lesson Report

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For information about the definition, purposes, and benefits of Lesson Study, please read our brief introduction or see our introductory video, which describes key steps in the lesson study process. If you have questions or would like to join the Lesson Study Project, please contact:


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