How can I join the Lesson Study Project?

Participation in the Lesson Study Project (LSP) offers many benefits, including free consultation and support. In addition, you will have opportunities to

  • document your work in progress and get feedback from other members of the lesson study community.
  • publish and disseminate your final report.
  • receive free consultation from the project staff.

Three steps to joining

Assemble a team. Each team member should read the online guide for an overview of the lesson study process.
Select a Team Liaison. This person will be responsible for providing updates on your team's progress and sharing your team's work.
Contact us. The Team Liaison should contact Bill Cerbin at or 608-785-6881.

Each Lesson Study Project (LSP) team:

  1. Submits a final lesson study.
  2. Documents work-in-progress in periodic updates.
  3. Videotapes the class period in which the research lesson is taught and the subsequent debriefing session in which the group discusses and analyzes the lesson.
  4. Submits a proposal to the campus IRB and uses informed consent (see sample consent form) in the class--for groups planning to present or publish work from their lesson study.



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