Lesson Study for College Teachers: An Online Guide

Step 6: Revise Lesson & Report Results

Lesson study involves a second research cycle in which the group revises and tests the lesson once again. At least one external observer attends the lesson and participates in the subsequent debriefing session.

The second research cycle involves refining the lesson. Analysis of the evidence leads the group to consider ways to improve the lesson. Groups may modify the learning goal(s), lesson design, and also change their strategies for collecting evidence. After deciding on revisions the group re-teaches the lesson.

The second teaching, which usually takes place the following term, differs from the first in one important way-one or more outside observers attend the lesson and participate in the post-lesson debriefing session. The lesson study team prepares a detailed Lesson Observation Guide for instructors and guests who attend the lesson. Following the lesson, the team and observers meet to discuss the lesson.


Is one iteration enough?
Why invite outside observers?
What are the next steps?


Documenting Progress

  • Option #1: After the first semester, some teams may decide to begin drafting their culminating products. Go to templates.
  • Option #2: As you work through the lesson study process once more, update your previous log entries with comments. You may easily access your previous entries from the Gallery page. (See About Project Logs for help on adding comments to entries).
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