University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Student Senate
Freshman Senator

Logan Truckenbrod

Logan Truckenbrod is a new freshman senator. He is planning on majoring in biology with an environmental science concentration. He grew up in southern Wisconsin in a small family. He went to the average-sized high school of Delavan-Darien, where he ran cross-country and track. He graduated with high honors and as a member of the National Honors Society.

Logan chose UW-L for a variety of reasons. It is just far enough away from his home, but close enough for him to visit any time. Interested in the biological sciences, UW-L’s internationally-recognized biology and microbiology programs grabbed his immediate attention. The student body was large enough but not too overwhelming. With such an interest in the environment, he has recently been looking to get involved with SFS, Biology, and Botany clubs.

Senator Truckenbrod decided to join Student Association to make a difference from the top down. Armed with an open mind and analytical skills, the senate provided him with an opportunity to speak for thousands of students, and fight for the betterment of the UW-L community. As for the senate itself, Logan aims to incorporate logic and popular philosophical concepts to strengthen discussion during important meetings and eliminate complications and other clutter that can prevent it from carrying out its mission to the fullest. A strong debater, he excels at extracting ideas from people from both sides of the argument and accurately weighing the pros and cons to propose a solution beneficial to the student body as a whole.

Contact Information:; 262-374-4645; 419 Coate Hall