University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Student Senate
Freshman Senator

James "Jimmy" Joling

James "Jimmy" Joling is a freshman this year. He is currently an undeclared-pre/pt student in the College of Science and Health; however, he is considering changing his major to Marketing in the College of Business Administration. His hometown is Kenosha, Wisconsin where he went to Kenosha Bradford High School.

Jimmy chose UW-L because it seemed like the best fit. It was a relatively larger school, but still had a small, close-knit campus. He loved the surroundings with the bluffs in the background. It made the campus an elegant sight to behold. Not to mention UW-L's excellent academic resume it had to offer. He is involved on Student Senate as well as being a member of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. He is also a Floor Representative in his residence hall and plans on being an RA next year.

Jimmy chose to be a part of Student Senate because he felt it is one of the best ways to really give back to the campus as a whole. He is the type of person that loves being right smack dab in the middle of things and where better to do that than Student Senate. They deal with so many issues and are often the first group that issues are brought up in front of. He hopes to be on the forefront of fighting many issues both within the community and on campus.

If you wish to contact Jimmy you can stop by his dorm room at a reasonable hour. He lives in 426 Angell Hall which is in B cube. If you'd rather not visit in person his cell phone number is (262)909-8104. He will gladly respond to any serious text he gets. Otherwise e-mail works as well. His e-mail is