Sustainable eating

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On campus dining sustainability commitment

UWL Dining Services works with Chartwells to implement a variety of sustainable practices into dining operations to assure a high quality service that minimizes our impact on the environment. UWL Dining Services sustainability initiatives focus on four key area:


Minimize our impact on the environment with primary focus on REDUCTION. Our approach is to bring awareness and education and implement best practices viable for waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency, and pollution control. 

Purchasing initiatives

Encourage responsible and sustainable practices in our supply chains. Our purchasing initiatives provide food choices which celebrate flavor, affirm cultural traditions and support local communities, and include local purchasing, fair trade coffee and sustainable seafood programs.  

Chartwells in the community

Support and encourage charitable initiatives and community reinvestment with out associates and partners corporately and locally where we do business. 

Nutrition and wellness

Provide programs and education that foster and promote healthful, productive workplaces and communities for the benefit of our associates and guest. Program include Balanced Choices, our healthy lifestyles nutrition program, and healthy work place reward and development program. 


Farmers Markets

2015 Farmers Market

Farmers markets are more than just a place to find fresh, local food. Across the country, evidence shows farmers markets are significantly improving the health and well-being of their community, economy, and environment. As support for farmers markets continue to grow, so will the ways their communities prosper.

With these benefits in mind, UWL's student organization, known as Students for Sustainability, continues to organize and support this activity on campus and throughout the community.

On Campus

One can find fresh, local goods at the Farmer's Market on Wittich Field on Mondays during the fall months. For more information, please cick here.

Off Campus

The La Crosse area provides a great number of farmers markets in and around our community.  For a complete list of these, including dates and times, please click here.

Campus Food Pantry

The Center for Organizations, Vision, and Engagement (COVE) is located in the UWL Student Union (The U), on the second floor, office number 2200.  COVE coordinates the campus food pantry that is available to UWL students, faculty, and staff.  Individuals who are interested in using the food pantry can gain access by completing a simple and private form which is available in the COVE office.   

Once the applicants student or employee ID  card is activated, users can access the food pantry at any time The U is open. Some examples of food in the food pantry are tuna, peanut butter, jelly, pasta sauce, pasta noodles, soup, vegetables, fruit, etc.

The COVE relies on students, staff, student organizations, and community members and agencies to collect and donate food to our food pantry. Individuals who have items to donate can drop them off at the main desk in the COVE. What does the food pantry need? Click here to view our needed items.

Contact the COVE if your organization is interested in hosting a food drive to support the campus food pantry.  Please contact the COVE at: