Mission & vision


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse will provide students, faculty, staff and the community with the knowledge and skills to be environmentally responsible and involved citizens who understand and consider the global effects of their actions and the actions of others. The University will strive to use and implement sustainable best practices while minimizing its carbon footprint.



The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse seeks to be a campus where...

  • Education and research prepare students, faculty, staff and surrounding communities to engage in dialogue and positive action around sustainability.
  • University leadership is committed to sustainability and will direct adequate resources toward the development of sustainability expertise and best practices on campus.
  • Minimizing adverse social, economic, and environmental impacts of University operations is a priority.
  • The understanding and concern for sustainability issues provide the foundation for dynamic campus collaboration and community for students, faculty and staff. 
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Student Senate passed resolution SA1314-026 Fall 2013 in support of the Mission and Vision statement.