Part of reducing our carbon footprint includes using more mass transit systems and less personal vehicles. 

Enterprise Care Share Program

Car Share

Initial funding for this program came from the Green Fund. Students, faculty and staff can sign up now for Enterprise CarShare and enjoy access to two cars parked on campus this fall at the stadium lot and Recreational Eagle Center Lot.
CarShare is an inexpensive transportation alternative that allows members to enjoy the benefits of a having car while only paying for the vehicle when it is being used.  More information can be found on the car share's website.

U-PASS and Safe Ride

Part of reducing our carbon footprint includes using more mass transit systems and less personal vehicles. 
The UWL Student Association, UWL Administration, and La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility (MTU0 worked together to bring UW-La Crosse students and employees the U-PASS program. The program has two parts: daily unlimited, fare free passage on all MTU bus routes and the Safe Ride.

The UW-La Crosse U-PASS program for students is provided by your Student Association and includes unlimited access to any Municipal Transit Utility (MTU) bus -anytime, anywhere! Just show your UWL Student I.D. card to the bus driver and you're ready to go anywhere you like. The cost of the program is included in your student fees. Any non-UWL student can ride at regular fare.

Rethink if you need to bring a car to campus.


Check out the Bikes webpage for lots of bike related information!

UWL vehicles

Through Executive Order 141 Governor Jim Doyle directed the Wisconsin Department of Administration to require all State agencies, including the University of Wisconsin, to reduce the use of petroleum-based gasoline in state-owned vehicles by twenty percent (20%) by 2010 and by fifty percent (50%) by 2015, and reduce the use of petroleum-based diesel fuel by those vehicles ten percent (10%) by 2010 and twenty five percent (25%) by 2015. 

Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) is responsible for UWL owned fleet vehicle operations.  In this capacity, FP&M has collaborated with all on-campus operations to accomplish the following actions to improve fleet fuel efficiency.

  • UWL continues to reduce the number of licensed vehicles in its fleet.  In FY2008 UWL owned 47 licensed vehicles.  By FY2011 UWL owned 42 licensed fleet vehicles.
  • In FY10 and FY11 Residence Life and Student Centers each purchased a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) for on campus use.
  • Various UWL operations have purchased high efficiency unlicensed micro-vans for on-campus use.
  • Various UWL operations have expanded the seasonal use of golf carts to minimize the use of less fuel efficient vehicles.  As of FY2011, UWL has 13 golf carts.
  • UWL continues to remove older, less fuel efficient, vehicles from its fleet.
  • FP&M continues a valued and effective preventative maintenance program to maintain all vehicles at their peak efficiency.
  • FP&M purchases gasoline with a minimum 10% regionally produced ethanol.