Facilities/planning projects

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LEED Silver Design of Science Lab Building 200,000 square foot Lab Science Building constructed to LEED Silver Standards 25% savings in energy consumption from traditional construction
LEED Silver Design of Student Center 203,000 square foot Student Center constructed to LEED Silver Standards 25% savings in energy consumption from traditional construction
Install Lighting Occupancy Sensors Morris Classrooms Saving 3,600 kWh/year and $306/year





LED Fixture Installation Maintenance & Stores Offices Saving 25,000 kWh annually
T8 Lamp Replacement 32 to 25 Watt

Graff Main @ 1,200 lamps. Landscape Building @ 200 lamps. Morris Hall @ 700 lamps.

12/08/2016 Sweetman Addendum: This has been a multiyear campus wide project and we are around 75% complete. This conversion results in a 20% drop in electrical consumption for each operating lamp.

Saving 44,500 kWh and $3,700/year
VFD Installation

29 VFD’s installed in 9 Buildings

12/08/2016 Sweetman Addendum: Variable Frequency Drives conserve energy by allowing FP&M the ability to control fan operating time and speed.

$92,000 in energy savings over two years
Building Automation System Upgrades Health Science Building, Archaeology, Cartwright Center $25,000 annual savings in energy costs
LED Parking Lot Lights New LED parking lights in Parking lots C1, C8, C9, C5, R1, and R2. 28 total fixtures. The LED fixture reduces energy consumption by 65% compared to a 400W metal halide fixture
New Chiller Plant 2-1200 ton, high efficiency chillers The two new 1200 ton chillers have a .556 kW/ton efficiency at 100% (an 8% improvement) but can unload with drives. So, for example, at 50% load they improve to .286 kW/ton (a 53% improvement at part load).
Exterior Repairs of Murphy Library Improved building envelope insulation Full year of data not available
New Roof Child Care Center Child Care Center Increase roof and soffit insulation
New Hot Water Heaters Laux, Wentz, Coate, and Drake Halls replaced 1000-gallon storage tank with high efficiency semi-instantaneous steam water heaters with 85 gallons of storage.

New units are 95% efficient

12/08/2016 Sweetman Addendum: Similar projects have been completed in Mitchell Hall and all of the other residence halls, with the exception of Eagle and Reuter Halls.

Low Flow Shower Head (From 2.5 to 1.5 GPM)

10 Residence Halls Recreational Eagle Center

12/08/2016 Sweetman Addendum: This was a two-stage process. We initially converted from about 4.5 to 2.5 GPM. This initial project cut water consumption by about 38% in the residence halls, or about 11 million gallons per year!

Saving 12.4 MMBTU and $187,000/year
Installation of Capacitor Banks Campus Wide at Main Substation Improve power factor to save $200,000 annually
Bathroom Upgrade Graff Main Hall, Low flow fixtures, motion sensors on faucets, LED lights 30% savings in water usage
CFA Lobby Remodel Center for the Arts LED lighting installation 15,000 kWh savings annually
Murphy Library Bathroom Upgrade Murphy Library low flow fixtures, motion sensors on faucets 30% savings in water usage
Exterior Delamping and LED Retrofits 108 wall pack fixtures installed 90% reduction in energy use by exterior wall mount fixtures
Wimberly Hall LED First floor new ceiling and all LED fixtures Saving 25,000 kWh annually
Cleary Center fire place replacement Replaced fire place with sealed combustion natural gas unit Reduced amount of conditioned air lost up flue, improved efficiency
Replacement of exit lights with LED type All exit lights on campus were replaced with LED type Replaced 337 exit lights saving 101,100 kWh annually