U-PASS and Safe Ride

Part of reducing our carbon footprint includes using more mass transit systems and less personal vehicles.

The UWL Student Association, UWL Administration, and La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility (MTU) work together to bring UWL students and employees the U-PASS program.  For more about this program, view U-PASS.  This mass transit option may eliminate your need to bring a vehicle to campus.  


It's easy to bike around UW-L, the city of La Crosse, and the region. With a network of city bike routes, recreational trails through the marsh and Hixon Forest, and a variety of bicycle resources on campus, active transportation is an attractive alternative throughout the year.


On campus, REC Sports Outdoor Connection offers short-term bike rentals including cruisers, mountain bikes, and an all-new fleet of custom-painted fatbikes. They also offer the low-cost Green Bike program, where you can lease a refurbished bicycle for a semester or a year. Public bicycle repair stands and air pumps, installed near the dorms allow you to make minor repairs and adjustments.  The University Police bicycle registration program and anti-theft education efforts help you keep your bike safe.


image of students with bikes 


The City of La Crosse is recognized as a Silver-level Bike Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. "Sharrows" and Share the Road signs mark designated bike routes, and the Marsh Trails connect campus with north and south La Crosse, Riverside Park, and Hixon Forest. All MTU buses offer bike racks for easy combination of bike and bus. 


image of fat bikes

UWL vehicles

UWL Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) collaborates with all on-campus operations to accomplish the following actions to improve fleet fuel efficiency.

  • Over the years UWL has continued to reduce the number of licensed vehicles in its fleet.  
  • Various UWL operations have purchased high efficiency unlicensed micro-vans for on-campus use.
  • Various UWL operations have expanded the seasonal use of golf carts to minimize the use of less fuel efficient vehicles.
  • UWL continues to remove older, less fuel efficient, vehicles from its fleet.
  • FP&M continues an effective preventative maintenance program to maintain all vehicles at their peak efficiency.
  • FP&M purchases gasoline with a minimum 10% regionally produced ethanol.

UWL Parking

In order to reduce waste UWL has transitioned into a plate-based parking system. In this system UWL uses plate numbers rather than wasteful hangtags or decals to validate parking around campus. To learn more about this system and parking on campus please click here