General Information

UW-La Crosse utilizes Taskstream by Watermark as our assessment software reporting platform. Taskstream is used for managing the general education assessment process, supporting program level assessment, and facilitating the certification of our education students teacher credentialing.   

Two tools are Included in the Taskstream system and available for use:

  • Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) electronic portfolio system
  • Accountability Management System (AMS) reporting tool

Aqua, a separate data collection tool, is also available for use. It allows for streamlined collection of assessment data by using rubrics applied to student artifacts/works.  

Check the tabs on the left for information specific to your type of assessment work. 

To Login For School of Education and other Student Portfolios (LAT system)             click   HERE image 


To Login for Program Assessment or General Education Assessment (AMS system) click   HERE image



Aqua and the Learning Achievement Tool (LAT) are available for use.

To facilitate your assessment,  Please know you have access to these systems:

Learning Achievement Tools (LAT): a robust electronic portfolio platform that allows for faculty to create or students to fashion electronic portfolios or web pages and then create evaluation mechanisms to review them.  School of Education programs and School Psychology are currently using this tool

Aqua: a rubric review system where faculty can upload student works, select evaluators, develop/apply rubrics, and produce quick reports. The College of Business Administration and several departments in that college are using Aqua.    

For more information please contact Dr. Patrick Barlow


Technical Issues

Please note that we have identified an issue logging into Taskstream by Watermark on iOS devices ( MACs and iPads) using the Safari browser, this does not affect PCs. As we address the issue we would make the recommendation of logging into Taskstream from an iOS device with the Chrome or Firefox browser. If neither option is available to you please contact help desk to open a ticket for assistance on a work around using the Safari browser. Refer to Taskstream in the ticket request.