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General Education Assessment Important Dates: 

For courses being assessed in the current academic year,  the due date for your submission of the:

Assessment Plan (Task & Rubric) is October 1st.

Assessments Results and Action Steps are due July 1st. 

Courses assessed in the previous academic year are asked to submit the

Action Status Update by July 1st

Note:  Submision of information to GEAC invovles both entry of data into the system and clicking the "Submit Button" on the Submission & Read Reviews tab in the workspace. 


To review how the GEAC members review submitted the Assessment Plan (Task & Rubric) you can refer to this document.  GEAC Review Procedures for Assessment Plans (Formerly Form A).  The General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) will be reviewing submissions and send out reminders if information has not been submitted.  


 Update to the Look of Taskstream for Fall 2017

Starting June 29, 2017, the color scheme and look of the AMS system we use for Program and General Education Assessment will change to a new color scheme.  Some slight changes to the placement of tabs and buttons will also occur.  Note that the main functionality and processes to use the system will not change.   All the information you have entered remains, and your login credentials will remain the same.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Patrick Barlow, Assessment Coordinator.  To take a look at these changes, please review this screen shot guide or this Mediasite video

Basic Information about the Process

The Submission Dates for General Education Assessment are:

  • October 1st of current academic year:  Submission of Task and Rubric in the Assessment Plan section
  • July 1st of current academic year:  Submission of Assessment Results and related Action Steps
  • July 1st of following academic year: Submission of Action Status Update

The Taskstream system is used to submit information to and recieve feedback from the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC).

In order to help support your use of the Taskstream system to submit information to the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC), we have created some helpful documents below organized by task. Please reference these as you complete your work in the system. If you have questions about the Taskstream System, contact Dr. Patrick Barlow, Assessment Coordinator. Questions about GEAC committee process can be directed to the committee chair, Megan Morey.     

Training Modules

  • Module 1 - How to log into Taskstream ( Guide  /  Video )
  • Module 2 - Entering Assessment Plan (Task & Rubric) information into Taskstream   ( Guide /  Video )**
  • Module 3 - Entering Assessment Results & Action Steps (Previous Form B) (Guide )
    • Module 3a Entering your Assessment Results ( Video )
    • Module 3b Entering your Action Steps ( Video ) 
    • Note:  Submission of both Assessment Results and Action Steps are needed.
  • Module 4 - Entering Status Report (Update on Actions) (Previously Form C) ( Guide / Video )

Special Situations

If you recieve feedback from GEAC to change the Program Level Student Learning Outcome associated with your task.  

  • Module 5 - Changing the Program Student Learning Outcome Tied to your Task ( GuideVideo)