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Program Assessment Cycle

The process of reporting on Program Assessment has shifted in two ways:  

  1. Use of the Taskstream-Tk20 assessment software to capture the information
  2. Creation of the University Program Assessment Committee UPAC to provide useful and timely feedback on that work.  

The over arching 3 year cycle (see graphic below) involves two submission points:  

  • Assessment Plan at the beginning of the cycle in spring of year 1 (Feb 15th).
  • End of cycle report of the entire process (measures, results, analysis, and status of improvement action steps) fall of year 3 (Oct 15th). 

Programs have been divided into two submission groups so that about half will submit in the 2016-17 academic year, with the remaining programs submitting in the 2017-18 academic year. Please review this list of the cohorts to identify your program's next steps in the process.

Start of cycle

Year 1 Spring Semester

  • Provost/Deans send reminder of Plan submission date
  • Program/Dept submits Assessment Plan in Taskstream by Feb 15
  • UPAC reviews and provides feedback by April 1
  • Program/Dept incorporates feedback and enacts plan



Spring Year 1 to Fall Year 3

  • Program/Dept enacts plan
  • Entering Assessment Results as available
  • Discussing and creating Action Plans (i.e. changes to curriculum, SLOs, courses as indicated by results)
  • Enters Action Plan Status Reports as improvement actions are completed
End of cycle

Fall Semester Year 3

  • Program reviews all information and ensures final submission to UPAC for review by October 15
  • UPAC gets access to information and completes review by Dec 1

Program Cycle Cohort Information

Please use the short checklist below to review what information is being asked for you in the Assessment Plan for programs that were reviewed in Fall 2017.  Programs in this cohort are asked to provide the updated information by Feb 15th 2018 as they start their new cycle. 

Spring Assessment Plan Checklist