Recent updates

Please be aware that UW-La Crosse will be phasing out the use of Taskstream over the fall semester.  Access to Tasktream will be maintained over the fall semester and end in January 2021. Plans for shifting work into Canvas are being coordinated with the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) and University Program Assessment Committee (UPAC).   If you have questions, you may contact Patrick Barlow, Assessment Coordinator or additionally Dr. Kenny Hunt (UPAC chair), Karen Hart (GEAC Chair), or Katie Hosley-Frieden, School of Education Assessment Coordinator. 

Planning for 2020-21 Academic Year

Assessment Liaisons. Program Directors, and Dept. Chairs, the UPAC committee communicated via email on 9/22/2020 about submission of information for Fall 2020.

Please review this list of the cohorts to identify your program's next steps in the process. 

Cohort 1 programs as indicated on the list will be submitting assessment plans on or before Oct 15th 2020. Please use the Review of Assessment Plan 2019-2022.

Cohort 2 programs on the list will submit their end of cycle information to UPAC on or before Oct 15th 2020. Please use the Review Full Cycle of Work 2017-20.

Please ensure your workspace areas are updated and then drop your published URL into the review areas of the system. Then submit that information via the Submissions & Read Reviews tab.   

Special Note 1: All CBA Programs will be Reviewed by the Assurance of Learning Committee within Taskstream. Templates will run on two year cycles matching AASCB timelines. 

Special Note 2: SOE teacher education programs who are part of the DPI report are exempt from UPAC review.  SOE programs have agreed to school wide learning outcomes. For more information, contact Dr. Adrienne Loh.   

If you have any questions on this process of UPAC review, contact committee chair, Dr. Kenny Hunt.  For questions about the Taskstream system, contact  Dr. Patrick Barlow, Assessment Coordinator.