Training guides & resources

Please be aware that UW-La Crosse will be phasing out the use of Taskstream over the fall semester.  Access to Tasktream will be maintained over the fall semester and end in January 2021. Plans for shifting work into Canvas are being coordinated with the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) and University Program Assessment Committee (UPAC).   If you have questions, you may contact Patrick Barlow, Assessment Coordinator or additionally Dr. Kenny Hunt (UPAC chair), Karen Hart (GEAC Chair), or Katie Hosley-Frieden, School of Education Assessment Coordinator. 

Training Modules

  • Module 1 - Logging into Taskstream for Program Assessment ( Guide / Video)

Standing Requirements

  • Module 2 - Creating or Editing Learning Outcomes ( Guide / Video)
    • Note:  Option to enter a two-level format for your learning outcomes exists.  Please contact Dr. Patrick Barlow for more information. 
  • Module 3 - Creating a Curriculum Map ( Guide / Video)

How to Submit Components of the Assessment Workspace

  • Module 4 - Creating an Assessment Plan ( Guide / Video)
  • Module 5 - Entering Program Assessment Results into Taskstream ( Guide  / Video)
  • Module 6 - Entering Improvement Action Plans into Taskstream (Guide / Video
  • Module 7 - Setting Action Status Updates for Program Assessment (Guide / Video)


  • Module 8 - Publishing a Workspace and Submitting for Review ( Guide / Video Revised Oct 2017) **Note screencast video has been revised to help identify the changed color scheme and location of operational buttons to help with sending your work to UPAC or AOLTF for review. (See this screencast for instructions for CBA programs submitting PDF or Word reports).


  • Module 9 -  (Optional) Providing Explanation of your Programs Context or Culture for Assessment .  (Guide / Video )   This area has been created to allow programs to share additional information that can help provide more background on how assessment is conducted in your area that help provide context. (e.g. use of assessment committee, reliance on only core courses for data, etc)  

Submitting Spring Assessment Plan Information

  • Module 10 - Spring Assessment Plan Submissions (Guide and Video

Additional Resources & Sample Documents

Demonstration Curriculum Map ( Sample Map )

Checklists for Submission for UPAC review: Full Cycle Checklist , Spring Assessment Plan Checklist

Translation of Biennial Report Format to Taskstream Workspace (Translation Guide )

UPAC Program Assessment Feedback Form for Full Cycle (UPAC Feedback Form Fall  )

UPAC Feedback Form for Spring Assessment Plan Submission (UPAC Feedback Form Spring 2017

Example of Completed Workspace in Webview (Click Here to View) (Hint: use 1234 for gaining entry)

Note: You can see the areas of the workspace by clicking the elements (i.e. Standing Requirements, 2014-16/17 Assessment Period)


For additional questions or concerns about using Taskstream,  contact Dr. Patrick Barlow, Assessment Coordinator.