University Communications

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Gregory Reichert Profile of Gregory Reichert
Vc Advancement/Pres Foundation
111 Cleary Alumni & Friends Center
Specialty areas:

Fundraising, alumni relations, marketing & communications

Creative Services

Florence Aliesch Profile of Florence Aliesch Office hours (active)
Director of Creative Services
115E Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Director of the Creative Services unit — graphic design in a variety of platforms (print, digital display, web graphics and video/powerpoint), design and formatting of books, branding and marketing

Sanja Dojcinovic Profile of Sanja Dojcinovic
Creative Services Coordinator
115H Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas: Assistant Director of Creative Services: graphic design, branding and marketing, magazine and newsletter layout, creating infographics/web & social media graphics/logos, photo editing, copy editing

News & Marketing

Brad Quarberg Profile of Brad Quarberg Office hours (active)
Director of News and Marketing
115F Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Public information, news, marketing, branding, event planning

James Bushman Profile of James Bushman
Comm and Social Media Specialist
115 Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas: Video News, Social Media
Kjerstin Lang Profile of Kjerstin Lang
Writer/Editor News and Marketing
115C Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Writing for print and web, editing, marketing, media relations and social media

Michael Lieurance Profile of Michael Lieurance
Photographer and Comm Specialist
115 Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Photography & Campus Connection

iComm (Web & Interactive Communications)

Maren Walz Profile of Maren Walz Office hours (active)
Web Coordinator
115B Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Web & Interactive Communications (iComm) unit leader, project management, campus communication, iComm liaison for 1/2 of campus.

Jacob Speer Profile of Jacob Speer Office hours (active)
Web Content Manager Designer
115D Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Creation of web content and design, user interface planning, javascript, CSS, accessibility

Kyle Logan Profile of Kyle Logan Office hours (active)
Web Developer Site Administrative
115 Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Server side development. Technologies: Java, .NET/C#, and SQL.