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Academic Advising Center Florence 
Kjerstin Mike
Administration, Finance depts Florence Maren Brad Mike
Administration, Finance office Florence Jake Brad Mike
Admissions Florence Jake Brad Mike
Athletics Florence Jake Brad Mike
CAB Sanja Jake Brad Mike
Career Services Florence Maren Kjerstin Mike
CBA and depts Florence Maren Kjerstin Mike
Chancellor Florence Maren Brad Mike
CLS and depts Sanja Jake Brad Mike
Continuing Education Florence Maren Kjerstin Mike
Counseling, Testing Sanja Maren Kjerstin Mike
CSAH and depts Florence Jake Brad Mike
Diversity-related offices/services Sanja Maren Kjerstin Mike
Financial Aid Florence Maren Brad Mike
First Year Experience Sanja Maren Kjerstin Mike
Inclusive Excellence Sanja Maren Kjerstin Mike
Inst for Campus Excellence, and depts Florence Maren Kjerstin Mike
International Education Florence Jake Kjerstin Mike
IPSE Florence Jake Kjerstin Mike
It Make$ Cents! Florence Maren Brad Mike
ITS Florence Maren Brad Mike
Murphy Learning Center Florence Jake Kjerstin Mike
Murphy Library Florence Maren Kjerstin Mike
Provost Florence Maren Brad Mike
Records, registration Florence Maren Brad Mike
RecSports Sanja Maren Kjerstin Mike
Residence Life Sanja Jake Brad Mike
SAC Sanja Jake Brad Mike
SOE and depts Florence Jake Kjerstin Mike
Student Affairs Sanja Jake Brad Mike
Student Health Center Sanja Jake Brad Mike
Sustainability Florence Maren Kjerstin Mike
University Centers Sanja Maren Kjerstin Mike
Veteran Services Florence Maren Brad Mike
Violence Prevention Sanja Jake Brad Mike
Wellness Resource Center Sanja Jake Brad Mike