Maintain your social media presence

Invite fans.

Facebook status updates: Ideal, 3-5 per week. (Maximum: 3/day. Minimum: 1/week.)

Tweets: Ideal, 1-3/day (Maximum: 5/day. Minimum 3/week.)

Note: If you are posting less frequently than once per week, perhaps you should consider using the university's page for your content.

Engage your fans. 

Sometimes it's easiest to share news and details about events-pushing information in one direction. However, the key to effective social media is that it's ... well ... social. Be sure that a majority if posts are intended to start a conversation. Ask authentic questions, use Facebook's discussion and question features, and solicit suggestions. An engaging page will be an active page!

See "Social Media Lingo" on page 10 for other ways to engage your fans!

Like other UWL pages (especially the university's page).

Keep images and photos fresh and relevant.

Include information that you push out to your audience.

  • "Status update" or "tweet"- Catchy statement from the organization.
  • Reminders, invitations, announcements, fast facts/about you
  • Images - Can be related to an event, nostalgia, and should specifically represent the organization 
    Note: As a rule of thumb, use authentic photos from UWL. Contact iComm for assistance. Make sure images other than your own or those belonging to the university are properly credited. 
  • When using a photograph found elsewhere, do one of the following:
    * Get permission from the original copyright holder
    * Use an image that is not encumbered by copyright, such as an image that is under a creative commons license
  • Calls to action - What do you want to encourage your fans to do? Call them directly to that action. "Apply now" "Ask us" "Find a major"… Whenever possible, include links to the related web pages.
  • Accreditation/award - Proudly announce an accreditation or award that is distinguishing. Tell fans why it's special.
  • Periodical/newsletter - Image or link. Caption about the periodical
  • Value system - mission statement at-a-glance or "motto." Allow your mission to influence all of your content.
  • Spotlight (program, class, faculty member, student org, etc) - image, caption or headline, when possible include a link to full story
  • New - image, caption, or headline, when possible include link to full story
  • Testimonial, event, or other video - 30 to 90 seconds is ideal 
  • Inclusive Excellence - highlight your org's Inclusive Excellence efforts/goals
  • Share links to interesting/relevant stories from other UWL pages
  • Other ...

Include information that you pull from your audience.

  • Ask for feedback on a recent event or activity
  • Question or poll about a program, class or process
  • Get ideas for a project or event
  • Discuss favorite memories
  • Ask fans to give other fans advice on a topic
  • Request images from experiences related to a topic
  • Tag another page in a post
  • Mention current events occasionally, even if they are unrelated to the main topic of the page.
  • Post a personal challenge to your fans. Ask them to comment with how they met that challenge.
  • Other ...

Monitor participation.

Be sure to respond as much as possible to non-administrators who post on your page. If you are unable to answer their question, direct them to someone who might, share links to helpful information, and ask others to respond as well. 

Generally administrators should not censor posts. However, if a comment is inappropriate as defined by the participation guidelines, it is possible to "hide" from the page. 

Note: As a rule of thumb, do not engage with an inappropriate comment on your page. If you are considering hiding a tweet or post from your page or account, please contact iComm before doing so.