(What’s in it for me? What’s in it for UWL?)

Benefit: separation of personal from professional

One main benefit of following the UWL social media guidelines is the ability to conduct social media business as “the organization” rather than under a personal profile. For most UWL employees, the separation of personal from professional social media conduct is a must-have feature.

Benefit: increased visibility

Official UWL pages will be added to the university’s “like us-follow us” page and will be allowed (and encouraged) to use Social media’s social plugins within their www.uwlax.edu subsite. This increases the visibility and activity of the organization across all platforms.

Benefit: consumer confidence 

There are countless “rogue” pages created on behalf of the university. Therefore, having an official and UWL branded page is the best way to instill confidence that your page will be trustworthy and professional.

Benefit: iComm’s support

By having iComm as an administrator on the page, your organization can have assistance in planning, monitoring and maintaining your page activity. iComm can also help support when there are changes in your administrators.

Request an "official" UWL social media account