Hello web editors, and welcome to the web release notes. First things first, we will not be documenting changes that happen on specific pages unless they affect other pages as well. We will be listing changes we make to blocks and page types so you know of new solutions to problems you might be experiencing.

So with that out of the way, please email us some feedback if you want to see more or less information in these posts. Most of the time, the posts are written by people (Mason) who thinks "public string ButtonHeight { get; set; }" is fascinating information, so if we are getting too technical and you want us to simplify in future posts, let us know.

2017 Release notes

Episerver February 23, 2017 expanding section

Featured Changes

  • Added a Help button for help requests, questions or problems to be submitted to the web team so we can all know what you need help with and any of us can work on it when we have time. Check out the request page to see how easy it is.
  • The Info box block has been modified to accept links and create a menu accessible by a button in the top corner.
    • Note: this only works with the "Info box with heading" style.
    • The links are not required, but can help when the information in the box also has a call to action.
  • Google Tag Manager support
    • This basically means it will be easier for us to collect analytics on elements of a page, rather than just the page itself and determine if a button is "working" to get people where you want them to go. We are still learning a bit more about the tool, so it may take a while to get it fully integrated into pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to see the Google Analytics widget in the Episerver workarea.
  • Fixed a bug in Office Hours display where a person's office hours would say "or by appointment only" instead of "By appointment only" no office hours were set but the appointment box was checked.

Additional Changes

  • The calendar subscription for the Chairs calendar will now also pull in the Official Academic Calendar as well.
  • Improved the way content shows up in Popup Blocks, especially when narrow.
Episerver January 20, 2017 expanding section

Featured changes

  • Site now forces HTTPS (secure) connections.
    • We have allowed HTTPS connections for a couple years now, and have been shifting people who just type "uwlax.edu" into their address bars over to the HTTPS side since August 2016, but are now pushing all users to the secure connection to improve our search rankings on Google.
    • Please ensure (where possible) all links to external media (images, video, etc.) use relative linking (//www.example.com instead of http://www.example.com) to ensure they load properly through the secured connection.
  • Added a Google Analytics gadget to the Episerver editing screen.
    • This gadget will allow you to see basic analytics collected by our Google Analytics plugin for that page (pageviews, time spent on page, the next page users went to, etc.). You can do basic filtering (ex: only show mobile users) using the Segment dropdown at the top.
    • To add the gadget to your editing workspace, click the gear in either the left or right panels, and select "Add Gadgets". The Google Analytics Gadget should be in the list of available gadgets.

New blocks

  • Added a new "Info Box Button" block that displays an icon, heading text, and a description field on a light background.
    • The icon will help get user's attention at a glance and the extra description field will help users know what they are clicking in to.
    • Heading text is limited to 40 characters and description text is limited to 100 characters (this is first and foremost a call to action, extra information provided is secondary).

Block changes

  • Fixed the visibility of Our people blocks (can now be created by all WebEditors)
  • Moved the Expanding box group 2.0 into the Layout section (to match the Tabs block)
  • Added a "Slim" option to the Button block (must be requested from an iComm admin at this time).

Bug fixes

  • The "Login" button on profile pages now properly redirects users to the new profile editor (https://share.uwlax.edu/profile/)
  • Minor style fixes on the homepage.
  • Fixed a bug with the Social media buttons block that was causing the Snapchat icon to "run away" when clicked