Student Organization Resources


In response to COVID-19, all Student Organization Events and Meetings have been cancelled for the remainder of the semester.  Please contact Amy Brown with any questions or concerns.

Start a new organization!

Are you interested in starting a new Recognized Student Organization on campus?

STEP 1:  Check out MyOrgs and make sure there isn't an existing organization that similarly aligns with what you are looking to start.

STEP 2: Complete the Recognition Procedures for Student Organizations 20-21 packet and return to the COVE, 2200 The U, or email a completed packet to! 

Please note that this can take up to 4-6 weeks from the time all paperwork is submitted, as all packets must go through the Student Organization's Committee, a sub-committee of the UWL Student Association.

Organization Information

COVE conference rooms Request expanding section

The COVE has 2 conferences rooms available for reservation. To reserve space, please follow these instructions:

  1. Complete the form located here.
  2. You will receive an email either confirming the room, or letting you know it’s not available.
  3. If the door is locked at meeting start time, please see the COVE Administration Desk or the Union Information Center located on the first floor (608-785-8877).
  4. You can reserve the conference for up to 1.5 hours. Special permission for longer use may be arranged – please reach out to Amy Brown,, to inquire.

The following policies apply:

  1. Organizations are free to use the Conferences Rooms if no one has reserved them. There will be a daily calendar outside the door of when the space is reserved.
    1. You can ask the COVE Administration Desk to double check no one has it reserved.
  2. Organizations must clean up after themselves. Table should be wiped down and room should be free of trash.
  3. The COVE Conference Rooms are to be used for Student Organization meetings, not as a study space or class projects workspace. Requested reservations for anything other than Organization related meetings will be denied.
  4. Chairs should not be removed from the Conferences Rooms.
  5. Remember that having these Conference Rooms at your disposal is a privilege!
Storage space expanding section

Limited Storage Cage space is available through University Centers. The purpose of a Storage Cage is to provide convenient, on-campus storage for student organization items so organizations do not need to seek off-campus storage. Cages are available in 3 sizes: 3ft wide x 3ft deep x 4ft tall (small), 3ft wide x 3ft deep x 8ft tall (medium), and 3ft wide x 6ft deep x 8ft tall (large). The majority of available Cages are medium size. Storage Cages are located on the lower level of the Student Union and are accessible whenever the building is open. Storage area is available with card access.

Review the policy for the storage space.

Request storage space.

Storage Cage Room Access Updates 

At the beginning of each semester, the Primary Contact/President must complete an online form updating Organization Members who have access to the Storage Cage room, as well as updating any other contact information and agreeing to terms of usage. If this form is not completed by the deadline, the Organization will lose its Storage Cage.

Submit updates to storage cage room access.

Trademark & Licensing (Ex. t-shirts & merchandise) expanding section

Trademark and Licensing Project Request

Trademark and Licensing Project Request Artwork Approval Form

  • This form must be completed (Part A only), and submitted with a digital copy of the final artwork design to prior to printing any type of merchandise or product.
  • Approval may take 1-2 days.

All artwork, UWL logos, seals, names, symbols, and slogans associated with UWL are trademarks and are the exclusive property of UWL. Reproduction of these marks for resale, or other commercial purposes, must have University authorization by completing the form. 

Financial Information


Digital signage expanding section

Click here to submit a digital sign


  • Student Organizations digital signs will not be approved unless your event is posted on MyOrgs.
  • Slides must be submitted two weeks before the date of your event. No Exceptions.
  • Publicity advertisements can be in the form of an individual PowerPoint slide formatted for 20" width x 11.25" height in the page setup and must be saved as a JPEG or PNG file.
  • If using another graphics software program to create your slide, send it in the horizontal (landscape) format, 20" width x 11.25" height with a minimum 150 dpi resolution as a JPEG or PNG file.
  • The slide can remain in the rotation for 7-10 days depending on demand.

Four main components to include:

  1. A compelling photo and/or image
  2. Who, what, when, where, and cost
  3. Event description (15 words or fewer)
  4. Program or department name with contact info and web address/sponsor(s) name

Questions about digital signs campus wide should be directed to:

Heather Dutcher
University Communications

Questions about digital signs for Organizations should be directed to:

Amy Brown



Flyers expanding section

All Registered Student Organizations must have their flyers stamped by the COVE before displaying on the Registered Bulletin Boards on Campus. Please come to the COVE and have your Flyer Approved, or you may submit it to the to have a digital stamp applied. Please always include a copy to leave with the COVE so that we can display it in the case on the first floor of the Student Union.

Info that MUST be included on the Flyer:

  1.          Sponsoring Organization Name
  2.          Date of Event
  3.          Time of Event
  4.          Location of Event
  5.          Email or contact information for questions
  6.          Event that is taking place

If you are not a Registered Student Organization on Campus and are not affiliated with UWL please use the General Use Boards ONLY. No flyers of any size should be left on tables, backs of chairs, walls, mirrors etc. throughout the University. Flyers are only permitted on Designated Bulletin Boards. Please see the Campus Publicity Guidelines for rules and regulations and the Bulletin Board List. 


 For any questions contact Amy Brown.

Mass Email Policy expanding section

Student Organizations: Email to Primary Contacts

Who can request to send an email to Primary Contacts?

If your organization is hosting an event, a fundraiser, needs volunteers, etc. and wants to get the information out to other Student Organizations, you can request to send an email to the Primary Contacts!

What to include in the email:

  • Who is hosting the event, where it is taking place, when it is taking place.
  • What is the most important information you want the reader to see?
    • Most readers skim emails.
    • Format the email to be easy and quick to read.
  • If someone has a question about the event, who should they contact?
  • We prefer not to send attachments - please use links to documents upload on their MyOrgs website or through SharePoint.
  • Proper grammar and spelling mistakes: please proofread.

Submitting your request:

  • Submit the request for the email 10 days before the event/submission date.
  • Please include your first and last name, organization/department you are submitting the email on behalf of, what event it is for, and what date you would like the email to be sent out on.
    • Please note: UC does not send mass emails on a Monday or Friday. Please plan accordingly.
  • UC is only able to send mass emails out to all Primary Contacts.
    • UC is unable to send mass emails to all students or advisers.
  • The person working on the email will be BCC’d when UC sends out the email.
  • Submit final copy of email text to Amy Brown. If you have any questions, please contact her as well at
Banner Requests expanding section

Banner requests and space must be made using the online Banner Request Form. Pepsi Banners are no longer allowed and can not be reused.

  • Must be submitted at least 21 days prior to date needed. 
  • Letters and banner will be provided by The COVE
  • May not be longer than 5-1/2 feet. 
  • Cannot be displayed for more than seven days. Banners must be removed by the sponsoring organization within 24 hours after an event.
  • May be taken to The COVE Administration Desk, 2200 Student Union, for recycling if the organization does not want to keep them.
Publicity on Campus expanding section

The UW La Crosse Publicity Guidelines have been developed by the Student Organizations Committee and approved through the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Student Association. These guidelines are an administrative function of University Centers.

The Registered bulletin boards on campus are provided for publicity of University Groups sponsoring campus events, activities, and education. General Use boards are provided for general publicity of interest to the university population.  Please see the updated list provided- Bulletin Boards 2020.pdf 

Questions contact the COVE Administration Desk

Window Painting expanding section

Registered student organizations have the ability to promote their involvement opportunities and activities by painting windows in the Student Union. The windows are located near Einstein Bros. Bagels, close to the southwest entrance. Student organizations are expected to follow the reservation process, painting time allotment, and cleaning procedure, as well as provide their own supplies. This information  can be found in the reservation form linked below.

Reservations are submitted to COVE staff through this form. Due to limited availability for windows, reserving windows must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the painting period and is completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Windows can be reserved on a weekly basis starting on a Monday and to be cleaned no later than the close of building the following Sunday. 

COVE Chalk Board-Question of the Week expanding section

The COVE is changing the Calendar of Events to the "Question of the Week". Students please feel free to answer, share, and interact with The COVE "Question of the Week". The COVE Chalk Board is located near the Large Conference room of the COVE. Please feel free to share your answers and thoughts , while being respectful of others.

Please let the staff at the desk know if you have any questions, you would like to see posted. Or email 

**Note the COVE Staff has the ability to erase answers we deem inappropriate**

Meeting and event planning

Film & copyright information expanding section
Fundraising & event funding assistance expanding section


Fundraising Registration Form
Fundraiser registration forms must be completed two weeks prior to your event date. This form must also be approved prior to making a reservation for space/rooms and advertising for the event. 


Student organizations may request a cash box through University Centers, for use with fundraising events. Please pick up the form at 3200 Student Union. Empty cash boxes can be provided if the organization has access to organization funds to create a change fund. University Centers can also provide a minimal change fund to assist the organization. 
Cash box request forms must be completed and submitted a minimum of one week prior to the requested date. Cash boxes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


The Event Funding Assistance Committee makes allocations from three different funds to assist student organizations, university departments/organizations, and student initiatives for academic courses to fund programs that they are unable to fund themselves. These funds include:

Pepsi Marketing Fund
Dining Services Account

The Criteria for Funding, and the Process for Requesting Funding

Request for Donations Form

Student ID readers expanding section

Would your organization like to record attendance at your event?  Use one of our student ID readers to help you! Click here to request a student ID reader.