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Student Organization Resources

What will you find on this page?

Great question! Here you will find resources and links for your Student Organization to utilize. Want to request funding? That information is here! Need storage space? Also here!

Have questions about Student Orgnization Resources? Email us.


MyOrgs provides students with online convenience for managing and tracking student organizations, leadership, and co-curricular participation. Students can log on with their Net ID username and password to the MyOrgs program, review current student organizations, and express interest in joining a club!

Existing club members can manage their club roster, recruit new members, create news articles, post events on the opportunity board, create elections, and much more. Students can also track their involvement with student organizations and leadership positions. By doing this, students can develop a student involvement transcript that may be useful as they develop a resume and job search.

Organization Resources

Conference Room Reservations

The COVE Conference Rooms

The COVE has 2 conferences rooms available for reservation. To reserve space, please follow these instructions:

  1. Complete the form located here.
  2. You will receive an email either confirming the room, or letting you know it’s not available.
  3. If the door is locked at meeting start time, please see the COVE Administration Desk or the Union Information Center located on the first floor (608-785-8877).
  4. You can reserve the conference for up to 2 hours. Special permission for longer use may be arranged – please reach out to Kasie Von Haden,, to inquire.

The following policies apply:

  1. Organizations are free to use the Conferences Rooms if no one has reserved them. There will be a daily calendar outside the door of when the space is reserved.
    1. You can ask the COVE Administration Desk to double check no one has it reserved.
  2. Organizations must clean up after themselves. Table should be wiped down and room should be free of trash.
  3. The COVE Conference Rooms are to be used for Student Organization meetings, not as a study space or class projects workspace. Requested reservations for anything other than Organization related meetings will be denied.
  4. Chairs should not be removed from the Conferences Rooms.
  5. Remember that having these Conference Rooms at your disposal is a privilege!


Fundraiser Registration Form
Fundraiser registration must be approved prior to making a reservation for space/rooms and advertising for the event.

Printed Products Approval Form
This form must be approved prior to printing any type of merchandise or product.


Student organizations may request a cash box through University Centers, for use with fundraising events. Empty cash boxes can be provided if the organization has access to organization funds to create a change fund. University Centers can also provide a minimal change fund to assist the organization. 
Cash box request forms must be completed and submitted a minimum of one week prior to the requested date. Cash boxes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Mass Email Policy

Student Organizations: Email to Primary Contacts

Who can request to send an email to Primary Contacts?

If your organization is hosting an event, a fundraiser, needs volunteers, etc. and wants to get the information out to other Student Organizations, you can request to send an email to the Primary Contacts!

What to include in the email:

  • Who is hosting the event, where it is taking place, when it is taking place.
  • What is the most important information you want the reader to see?
    • Most readers skim emails.
    • Format the email to be easy and quick to read.
  • If someone has a question about the event, who should they contact?
  • We prefer not to send attachments - please use links to documents upload on their MyOrgs website or through SharePoint.
  • Proper grammar and spelling mistakes: please proofread.

Submitting your request:

  • Submit the request for the email 10 days before the event/submission date.
  • Please include your first and last name, organization/department you are submitting the email on behalf of, what event it is for, and what date you would like the email to be sent out on.
    • Please note: UC does not send mass emails on a Monday or Friday. Please plan accordingly.
  • UC is only able to send mass emails out to all Primary Contacts.
    • UC is unable to send mass emails to all students or advisers.
  • The person working on the email will be BCC’ed when UC sends out the email.
  • Submit final copy of email text to Kasie Von Haden. If you have any questions, please contact her as well at

Publicity on Campus

The UW-La Crosse publicity guidelines have been developed by the Student Organizations Committee and approved through the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Student Association. These guidelines are an administrative function of University Centers.

Questions? Contact The COVE Administration Desk.

Requesting Funding

The Event Funding Assistance Committee makes allocations from three different funds to assist student organizations, university departments/organizations, and student initiatives for academic courses to fund programs that they are unable to fund themselves. These funds include:

Pepsi Marketing Fund
Dining Servcies Account

The Criteria for Funding, and the Process for Requesting Funding

Request for Donations Form

Storage Space

Limited Storage Cage space is available through University Centers. The purpose of a Storage Cage is to provide convenient, on-campus storage for student organization items so organizations do not need to seek off-campus storage. Cages are available in 3 sizes: 3ft wide x 3ft deep x 4ft tall (small), 3ft wide x 3ft deep x 8ft tall (medium), and 3ft wide x 6ft deep x 8ft tall (large). The majority of available Cages are medium size. Storage Cages are located on the lower level of the Student Union and are accessible whenever the building is open. Storage area is available with card access.

You can request storage space using this form.

Please review the policy for the storage space before submitting request.

Workspace Cubicles

The COVE offers eight workspaces in cubicles for general Student Organizations to utilize when in the space. Policies are as follows for these areas:

  1. Organizations may NOT use these areas as storage.
    1. If an Organization is found to be using it as a storage area, they will be notified to remove their belongings and lose the privilege of using the space.
    2. If upon notification of loss of space an Organization does not clean out the space by the given deadline, they will be charged an hourly custodial fee for cleaning.
    3. Persons using the space must clean up after themselves, i.e. throw away trash when leaving the area.
    4. Prohibited items may not be in the areas at any times.
    5. Remember that this is an open space! Be sure to be aware of your personal items at all times.
Interested in Starting a New Organization?

Are you interested in starting a new Recognized Student Organiation on campus?

The first step is to check out MyOrgs and make sure there isn't an existing organization that similarly aligns with what you are looking to start.

The second step is to email for more information, or stop into The COVE, 2200 The U, and speak with someone about how to start an organization and pick up an application packet!

Please note that this can take up to 4-6 weeks from the time all paperwork is submitted, as all packets must go through the Student Organization's Committee, a sub-committee of the UWL Student Association.